Smart Accessories: It’s Time to Get Smart!

We’re in the midst of a technology tidal wave. Things are moving so fast and changing with such regularity–do you sometimes feel like you’re constantly behind the times? Hunter Douglas has your back. They’ve taken innovation and combined it with simplicity. That means, you can embrace the latest enhancements without hassle or confusion. Want to see more? Check out our latest Houzz project full of photos to inspire. And, here to make the ‘switch to automation’ easy is our collection of Smart Accessories…


Meet the Hub…

Automation means that your Hunter Douglas smart shades are connected. They communicate and respond–with or without you around. All of this is possible when you have The Hub in your home. It’s the brains of the operation. And, gone are the days of ugly devices and wire chaos.

smart accessories the hub Hunter Douglas Shawnee 66213


Meet the Smart Accessories…

Life is crazy. It’s time for the latest innovations in the tech world to take some of your daily “adulting” off of your overflowing plate. The best part? You don’t have to understand the “why” to experience the “wow.” The technology may seem complicated, but using it is simple…

Voice Control

smart accessories voice controlled shades Lee’s Summit 64086

It’s Saturday morning. Your teens are–once again–sleeping the day away. Stop making it your job to get them out of bed. Instead, put your voice assistant in charge. Trigger Alexa to open the shades in their room. Better yet, put the shades on a schedule within the PowerView app, and weekend wakeups won’t be a concern of yours anymore. Just don’t wake them up too early. You need time to enjoy the silence and that second cup of coffee.

Favorite Scenes

smart accessories favorite setting PowerView app Hunter Douglas Kansas City 64155

Maybe you have little ones that have struggled with bedtime this summer–or, let’s face it, all year long. Summer time bedtimes can be a challenge. They need their sleep, but sunset happens so late this time of year. Save a favorite scene in the PowerView app called “Bedtime” that closes the blackout shades in their rooms at 6:55 each night. There’ll be no more “But it’s not even dark yet…” arguments when the environment is already set up.


smart accessories IFTTT Hunter Douglas Olathe 66062

Don’t forget about your furry friends. Rover relies on his daily routine, and Smart Accessories are here for it. While you’re at work, you want the shades down as much as possible to keep out that intense Kansas City area sunshine. And, that’s fine–while Rover snoozes. But, when he wakes up? He’ll want to peek out the window, take in the outside activity and stand guard…that is, until he goes to sleep again. IFTTT (*if this then that) technology comes into play…

While Rover sleeps, the shades stay down. When motion is detected, (i.e. the little guy is awake), the shades open–to a set position. That means, he can scope out the outdoors while most of the window is still protected. It’s a win-win for you and your furry loved ones.

Extra Strength

smart accessories repeater wireless strength Hunter Douglas Overland Park 66214

What about that spot in your home that wireless signals just don’t seem as strong? Many of us have them–mine just happens to be right where my printer is, and it’s super inconvenient. In the case of Smart Accessories, Hunter Douglas is ahead of this layout issue! The repeater is the wireless muscle you need to add strength when invisible obstacles make life difficult. Another benefit? Because this usually occurs in an upstairs bedroom, a repeater can double as a modern looking nightlight!

Coffee Table Decor (AKA The Pebble)

smart accessories Pebble remote Hunter Douglas Lee’s Summit 64086

Love having a remote to do the heavy lifting in your home? There’s finally one that you won’t have to hide when company is coming over. The PowerView Pebble remote is sleek, intentional decor. It’s one of those Smart Accessories that you’ll be excited to show your friends–how it coordinates and what it can do!


Let’s Get Started!

Can you relate to these scenarios? Do you need a personal assistant to help you manage your home? Or more importantly, to help you wake the kids up, put the kids to bed and keep Rover entertained throughout the day? Smart Accessories are here for the ultimate experience in convenience, control and simplistic operation! At One Stop Decorating, we are your Kansas City area experts when it comes to Smart Shades! Contact our team for your FREE in-home design consultation today!