Smart Shades Are a Cool Solution for the Scorching Summer Heat

Summer heat is here, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Are you dreaming of cooler temps outside? How about inside? Without control, the interior of your home quickly becomes unbearable this time of year. So, what’s the solution? Smart shades. Increasing energy efficiency, balancing your light control, and helping you create the right ambiance, this innovative technology is exactly what you need for relief from the heat. Just look at the benefits that motorized window treatments have in store for you…


#1 Exceptional Energy Savings

Do you cringe every time your AC kicks on? You know it’s working to combat the heat, but you also know you’re paying for it. If your energy bill spikes in the summer, join the club. Turning down the temp on your thermostat is how most people try to beat the heat. But did you know that smart shades can keep your house comfy and cool AND save you money on your energy bills? With instant control of your shades from anywhere, thanks to the PowerView app, you can use your favorite device to adjust your motorized window coverings. You’ll never have to feel that pang of regret when you realize you left home without closing the shades to block the scorching sun. A simple tap, and they’re closed–from the office, the park, or your vacation house halfway across the world!

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#2 Controlled Light & Heat

Every home needs balance. During the summer you don’t want to expose your home to so much sunlight that it becomes overheated. But, you don’t want to completely cover your windows and feel like you’re living in a cave either. You need just the right amount of light and view alongside the ideal amount of coverage. Say hello to top down smart shades. Simply save the perfect top down position for your motorized shades in your favorites. Then, use your remote, app, or voice control to activate the setting. Your shades adjust at your command, and you get to savor light and view without all the heat.

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#3 The Perfect Ambiance

Different times of day call for different window covering positions. When you’re not around, closing off your home to keep out the sun is best. But when you are home, you don’t want to block out the world. Smart shades work in harmony with your daily routine to provide the perfect ambiance for every circumstance. By creating a personalized schedule, your blinds and shades can stay closed during the day to help maintain a consistent temperature. Then, as you pull into the driveway, they’ll automatically open to the ideal position. Natural light can illuminate your home for the evening. And, when your head finally hits the pillow, you can rest knowing that you’ve saved energy all day.

smart shades Kansas City


Smart Shades: Save Energy & Live Happy

Taking control of the intense sunshine and heat is the only way you’ll be able to enjoy summertime in your home. Smart shades give you the control you need and the convenience you deserve. With schedules that fit your life, a consistently comfortable environment, and money-saving energy efficiency, your home will be a cool summer sanctuary! Are you ready to check out our line of motorized blinds, shades, and shutters? Contact our team at One Stop Decorating for a free, in-home consultation!