Sonnette Shades: All Your Favorite Features, One New Shade

Do you wish you could have shades that offer both sleek style and thermal insulation? For so long, these two features have remained wholly separate. But not anymore! Meet our newest collection of energy-efficient window coverings: Sonnette Shades. They’re the perfect combination of chic, low-profile design and insulating properties. So, how do they work and what can they do for your home? Just take a look..


Roller + Cellular = True Innovation

living room Sonnette shades

Sonnette Shades are an innovative fusion of two classic shade designs. The clean lines of roller shades unite with the structured insulation of cellular shades for incredible results. You gain valuable energy savings from the rounded cellular design to keep you comfortable year round. And, with the classic function of roller shades, you also enjoy precise operation and the neat fit you love for your home.


Eliminate Your Issues

All windows are not created equal. That can make determining the type of window coverings that will fit your home tough. You need custom solutions. You want convenient function and amazing style. And that’s exactly what you get with Hunter Douglas shades. They truly revolutionize the way you live! Did you know that bare windows, or poorly-designed window coverings, are often the cause of the problems you face everyday in your home? Here’s how:


bare window solutionsDoes this room look familiar? If so, it’s probably a space you try to avoid during the day. Keeping your windows open to enjoy the view sounds ideal, but (as you know) it’s anything but. With the amount of sun and the range of temperatures we experience throughout the year here in the Kansas City area, bare windows mean relentless glare, UV damage, and uncomfortable indoor temperatures. Not to mention that you have exactly zero privacy. You deserve a solution that will work. And we have one…


Sonnette Shades Kansas CitySonnette Shades tackle your complex problems with their simplistic function. Closed, they create a stunning backdrop of gorgeous fabrics and put you in control of the light. No more glare, direct sunshine, or harmful UV rays. Privacy sits at your fingertips, while rounded cells help maintain a cozy temperature. Whether it’s summer or winter, clear or cloudy, you’ll be living in maximum comfort! Plus, simplistic operation allows you to take in the view whenever you want and still experience the benefits you need.


Sonnette Shades: The Ideal Combination!

Maybe you’ve always dreamed that, someday, all of your favorite features would come together in one incredible window covering for your home. Well…your someday is today! Sonnette Shades are a brand new shade system that couples beautiful style with function that fits your life. Want to see how these fashion-forward, energy-efficient, and low-profile shades can change your home and life? Invite us in for a free design consultation, and let One Stop Decorating show you the latest innovations from Hunter Douglas!