Master Bedroom Makeover: Fill Your Space with Life & Love

I wanted this to be a representation of our love and marriage, which is where my inspiration came from.


Having children and a busy schedule can make it difficult to focus on yourself. Like this couple, they spent 4 years renovating a foreclosure before getting to one of the most important spaces in their home: the master bedroom. They wanted it to represent their life, memories, and most importantly, their relationship. Do you need a master bedroom makeover? It’s a lot of work, but it can be done. Take a look at this working mom’s advice for creating a dream bedroom.


How did you get started?

master bedroom makeover before and after

Well, looking at this “before” photo, it’s obvious that we had a lot of work ahead of us if we wanted our master bedroom makeover to be perfect. Renovations take time and patience. We took it one day at a time and worked in small steps. Whether it was painting the molding, deciding on a wall color, or shopping for decor, we didn’t rush the process. We knew everything would come together in the end.


There are a lot of decisions that go into decorating. Was it overwhelming?

master bedroom makeover color scheme

Yes, until I decided on my color palette. After that, everything started to fit together because I didn’t have an abundance of options to choose from–only aspects that would fit into my palette. I went with gray and white for a cozy, inviting feel. Then, I added in yellow for an energizing accent. Finally, I chose to incorporate my favorite color, aqua. Although there are only small touches, it represents my personality and I love having it in my design.


What inspired your gallery wall?

gallery wall master bedroom

Having three small children can distract you from your relationship. I wanted this to be a representation of our love and marriage, which is where my inspiration came from. Our master bedroom makeover was something we worked on together, but the gallery wall was a special anniversary surprise. I had one week to put something together. I wanted a mixture of photos and details that meant something to us. The frames, photos, and decor were all hand-picked with us in mind, and I think that’s what makes this area so special.


Do you have any favorite features in your bedroom?

My favorite part about our room is how functional it is. Of course, we wanted it to be beautiful, but the functionality adds ease and simplicity to our busy lives. The two most important functions of my room are sleeping and working.

bedroom office

Office Space: I work from home, and although we have an extra room to use as an office, I like to keep that area as our kids’ playroom. This meant that my bedroom office had to be minimal, but also include everything I need to work. And, because I work from home, I wanted to have things for my little ones to do if they come visit me (notice the art supplies?). I worked around my color palette and incorporated pictures of my family to add a personal touch that also matched the design.

master bedroom makeover shades

Bedroom: Three kids, two busy parents…sleep is extremely important to our family. When I started my master bedroom makeover, I knew I was going to invest in Solera Shades. They’re room-darkening, energy efficient, and child-safe. The design flows great with our room, and they were easy to layer. Our kids have the same shades. They do a great job of blocking the light, giving us all a better night’s sleep.

What’s your advice for those working on their own master bedroom makeover?

master bedroom makeover

Take your time. Choose your design elements based on what you love. Don’t rush through the process. Your master bedroom makeover will come together, so spend extra time deciding on your color palette and accent pieces. Think about the functionality of your space and incorporate features that will make your life easier. Put yourself first; you’ll be happy you did!