The Best Shades for Skylights: The Most Important Questions to Ask.

If you know our team at One Stop Decorating, we are all about window covering solutions. Our designers work with you to create a beautiful atmosphere full of style and elegance, but if the problems still exist, you’re back to square one. That’s why we want to work with you to get to the root of the trickiest problems, so your home not only features beautiful window coverings, but life-transforming function. In today’s piece, we are getting to the bottom of skylights, the questions you need to ask, and what the best shades for skylights are.


The best shades for skylights: What options are out there?

the best shades for skylights light filteringBecause skylight windows bring in a tremendous amount of natural light, they can be such an asset to the lighting in your home. But they have the potential to provide you with frustrating glare, irritating drafts and damaging UV rays. You need solutions that will encompass all of your concerns, while still bringing in the right amount of beautiful light. And to top it all off, the function of your skylight shades must be customized to your lifestyle. Our designers have chosen honeycomb shades as the best shades for skylights. Both the Duette and Applause shades offer all of the features that you’ll want, while allowing you to customize the styling to blend nicely into your ceiling for the finished look you love.


Are you looking for energy efficiency?

the best shades for skylights patio sunroomThe Kansas City area is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Your windows are causing up to 50% energy loss, and with skylight windows in your ceiling, that warm air is rising and heading right out of your home. The best shades for skylights will offer you cell-within-cell structure for the insulation you need to keep your home a comfortable temperature year-round. And with skylight windows, Hunter Douglas presents Skylift, an innovative feature that provides weather stripping to greatly increase the energy efficiency of your skylight windows–already in such a vulnerable position in your home.


Do you want to block out the light?

the best shades for skylights  bedroomThe location of the skylights in your home is very important. Often seen in bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens, natural lighting is valuable. In those rooms, the problems come with too much light and harmful UV rays overwhelming you. For pleasant, soft lighting, we recommend light-filtering fabrics that will bring in light for ambiance, while avoiding the annoyance of direct sunlight. But what about your bedrooms? When skylights are in your bedroom, you have to protect the environment so you get as much high quality sleep as possible. The best shades for skylights in your bedroom will feature room-darkening fabrics so you can tailor the light to fit your lifestyle. In the winter time, when the days are shorter, it may not seem like such a problem, but when the days get longer, that morning sunshine is brutal.


How often do you plan to adjust them?

the best shades for skylights motorizationFunction is one of the most important features of skylights. The best shades for skylights will provide operating systems that are customized to your lifestyle. Function of your skylight shades has a lot to do with the individual rooms and your plans for adjusting them. With light-filtering fabrics that bring in a warm glow, you may decide they’re best left in that position. Manual control, with wand extension, may suit your home the best. What about rooms that feature room-darkening fabrics? What about skylights that need to be adjusted on a regular basis? PowerView motorization will give you instant, push-of-a-button control. Access to your skylight shades is effortless–and with the PowerView App, you won’t even need to think about it. From your favorite device, you can schedule adjustments so your skylight shades adjust automatically. Save settings and favorite scenes to create the perfect atmosphere every time.

Are you ready to find solutions for your skylights? At One Stop Decorating, our design team would love to help you find the best shades for skylights–offering your home the energy efficiency, light control, UV protection and lifestyle function that will suit your home! Contact us today for a free, in-home consultation.