Top Down Shades: Atmosphere & Lifestyle Benefits

Do you want more for your home…and your life? Imagine if you could secure privacy, balance natural light, enjoy year-round energy savings, and add a touch of convenience. Sounds impossible, right?! Not with top down shades. These ingenious window coverings help you create the ideal atmosphere in your home, and customizing them brings even more benefits to your life.


Get Privacy Under Control

Now that spring is in full swing, everyone has come out of hibernation. Have you noticed an uptick in neighborhood activity and foot traffic around your home? It’s definitely great to get out, savor the warmer temps, and share friendly waves.

top down shades Hunter Douglas Lee’s Summit 64086

But, it’s definitely not great when everyone has a view right into your home. Top down bottom up protects your privacy while letting in light and sky views. It’s perfect for any room, but we especially love it in bedrooms, bathrooms, and entryways!

Filter Light & Insulate Too

If you have floor to ceiling windows, there’s no question that you need to cover them. The energy efficiency of cellular shades is optimal; it ups your comfort and your energy savings. But many people fear losing view and natural light.

top down shades DuoLite Hunter Douglas Overland Park 66214

DuoLite offers the function of top down shades while still insulating your whole window. Adjust your light filtering shade down from the top, and you’ve got instant access to daylighting and blue skies with all the comforts of a covered window.

Add Power for Ultimate Convenience

The benefits of top down bottom up blinds for your home and your life are extensive. Want to add one more? With PowerView motorization, you gain the ultimate in convenience. A simple tap lowers your motorized shades to your favorite position for getting ready in the morning.

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An automated schedule adjusts them throughout the day to secure efficiency and secure privacy. Want to set the perfect atmosphere in the evening? One swipe, and everything is ready!

Ready for Top Down Shades?

Window treatments are a valuable asset in your home. By customizing them, their benefits carry over to significantly enhance your lifestyle. Our top down shades provide control, convenience, comfort, and so much more. And they’re just waiting for you! At One Stop Decorating, we’d love to help you achieve all that you want for your your Kansas City area home and your everyday life. Get in touch with our team today for a FREE, shop-at-home appointment.