New Year, New Hues: The Trending Colors of 2019

Are you looking forward to a bright new year? With 2018 on its way out, the Pantone Color Institute is making its way in. The trending colors of 2019 are full of the zest, optimism, and originality that we’re craving. Yet, they carry with them a sense of maturity. Pantone’s choices are certainly intriguing and definitely worth exploring. Want to see the Color of the Year 2019 announcement?!? Head on over to our Facebook page to find out the winner!


Fresh & Famous

When it comes to the trending colors of 2019, the shades themselves are far from traditional. Animating, bright beauties stand out, and it’s hard to miss the nod to nature as well.

trending colors of 2019

But when you look at the palette as a whole, you’ll notice that many of the colors fit the bill for classic color pairings. So, the hues embrace both fresh individuality and the history of classic design. Want to know how color combinations can elevate your own home design? Stay tuned! Our experts will be sharing advice and inspiration in the coming weeks.


Modern Design with a Big Dose of Color

With the vibrancy of the trending colors of 2019, it might seem best to infuse them into your design in small pops of color. Florals and throws are the classic way to go, but there’s no reason you can’t use them in a big way.

trending colors of 2019 Overland Park

In fact, when these bold hues take center stage, the result is incredible! Even shades that supposedly don’t go together are combining in ways that shout beauty.


Minimalist Design with a Sprinkling of Color

Interior design has been heavily influenced by the minimalist movement. Neutrals champion the scene with their peace and serenity. But, most people find that, amid their tranquil neutrals, they love the instant personalization of color.

sonnette shades trending colors of 2019 Hunter Douglas Overland Park 66214

In this case, small accents can make a big statement. Just a little bit of the bright, bold trending colors of 2019 will enliven a space and make it feel all yours. Interested in the hottest neutrals for the coming year? We’ll be showing you all the new favorites soon!


The Trending Colors of 2019: Are You In Love?

Do you love to stay on the cutting edge of design? We do too. Our experts are excited about the trending colors of 2019. Are you? Which one is your favorite? Do you want to make one of the color pairings your very own? We’d love to show you the amazing fabrics, accents, and features that can bring both beautiful styling and incredible function to your Kansas City-area home. Contact our team for your FREE, in-home consultation today.