What Matters Most: Child-safe Window Coverings

“The days are long, but the years are short.” -Gretchen Rubin

Life with children–isn’t that the truth? It’s busy. It’s fun. It’s terrifically exhausting. And it’s all worth it. They fill our hearts with love–and our minds with worry. As a parent, you’ve got enough to worry about. You don’t need one more excuse to worry about your child’s safety in their own home. During the month of October, we want to take a step to help you make your home safer with child-safe window coverings. No cords, no strings…no danger. Mention this article to receive an upgrade to cordless Duette shades with the LiteRise operating system, and get the peace of mind you deserve.

Does this sound familiar?

Most people have heard of the dangers associated with window covering cords. Children are busy; they like to investigate and play with everything around them. Cords that dangle with lots of slack? That can be way too tempting for a child to pass up. Many parents go out of their way to hide the cords, tying them up and attaching them at the top of the window frame. It’s a hassle, it’s not 100% safe and the function of the window coverings is lost. Window coverings with cords, in a home with children, can be both dangerous and frustrating. Do you know you have options for child-safe window coverings?

Go Cordless with PowerView.

child-safe window coverings large windowsNo cords–a top priority in the safety of window coverings. Automated window shades provide you with cordless window coverings. Safety…solved. No cords or strings allows your children to exist, explore and imagine within your home without exposure to subtle dangers. But PowerView is more than that. As a parent, your life is busy. Never ending activities–do you ever feel like a non-stop taxi service? By the time you have all the kids loaded into the car, you don’t have time to stop and think about your window treatments. Now you don’t have to. PowerView motorization is changing the function and lifestyle benefits of your window coverings. Your automated shades can be scheduled. You can create favorite scenes to set for each room in your home. You can activate your automated window shades from anywhere in the world. All that–and it’s making them safer? It’s the ideal situation!

Go Cordless with LiteRise.

child-safe window coverings for child's bedroomIncredibly user-friendly, the LiteRise operating system from Hunter Douglas has taken child-safe window coverings to a new level. Not only safe because they’re cordless, window coverings with LiteRise are safe for children–and even pets!–to operate. A gentle push of the handle, or a nudge from a nose, and these child-safe window coverings adjust. It’s that easy. That means that cords are no longer a concern. And you don’t have to worry about your child-safe window coverings because that effortless operation makes them child-proof, as well. We all know that children can be hard on their surroundings. But LiteRise lets your window coverings slide right out of the way with a quick push. Perfect function, perfect solution. And completely safe! This month, mention this article, and One Stop Decorating will add a free upgrade of LiteRise to your order of Duette shades.

What if I can’t go cordless?!?!

child-safe window coverings fastened cord loopThere will be times when cordless just isn’t a possibility–when a cord is necessary for your home. It’s all about circumstance, and we understand. You have options for safety! When Hunter Douglas set out to make child-safe window coverings, they didn’t stop with cordless. We are happy to report that many of our window coverings use operating systems that make safety a priority. UltraGlide gives you the option for a short, retractable cord that stays out of harm’s way while also allowing you easy function. Our continuous cord loop is a favorite operating system–we make it safe by securely fastening it to the inside of your window frame. You have options. And safety is what matters most–find out how you can secure your home with child-safe window coverings, regardless of circumstance.

Safety should be a priority, and we can help you figure out the best solutions for your family. Our team, at One Stop Decorating, takes the safety of your family very seriously. That’s why, during the month of October, we are offering a free upgrade to LiteRise for Duette shades. Child-safe window coverings are a must. Take this opportunity to achieve peace of mind. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation today!