Fall Style: Rustic Decor & Window Treatments That Stun

The beautiful season of autumn is here–invite the warmth and richness of fall into your Kansas City area home with the latest design trend. Without question, rustic decor is enhancing the look and feel of homes with its shabby chic charm and stunning sophistication. Using pieces throughout your home, from furniture to window treatments–and everything in between, find your own way of inviting autumn in with this unique look. Colors, materials, textures and finishes combine for comfort and relaxation, setting the perfect atmosphere this fall.

Autumn Means Warmth

window treatments Kansas CityThe season of fall is all about tradition. This beautiful new design scheme brings the nature of autumn right into your home with wood textures, distressed finishes and tattered fabrics. This rustic decor is further enhanced by plantation shutters that play tribute to classic styling, while adding an air of sophistication. It’s vintage meets contemporary. The warmth of wood tones complement other design elements in the same shared space bringing together this amazing look for a relaxed contemporary appearance. Plantation shutters direct the natural light streaming through the windows, allowing you to enjoy daylighting without direct glare. Perfect for patio doors and large windows, these window treatments will add the warmth of atmosphere while providing beautiful styling and incredible function.

Autumn Means Coming Home

window treatments Kansas CityLike the warm glow of sunset after a gorgeous summer day, autumn is a time to sit back and relax before winter’s great sleep. Like coming home to take a deep breath, there’s no better comfort than the welcome you get with a home that’s put together with a mixture of romantic charm and graceful style. That’s the beauty of rustic decor. Elements of nature fill your home with harmony, as the sweet memories of autumn welcome you throughout the year. Using fall foliage and subtle colors for inspiration, design a space that’s all your own. And don’t forget the window treatments. The beautiful glow of autumn offers perfect light for dream-like softness and instant ambiance. Choose the elegance of wooden window treatments to complement your home with texture and balance.

Autumn Means Beautiful Landscapes

window treatments Kansas CityThe richness of the season is right outside your windows. The beautiful colors, the crisp air, the skittering of animals preparing themselves for the season ahead. Some days, it looks like the picture on a postcard–just waiting to be captured. Enjoy the breathtaking landscape with window treatments that offer you soft, filtered light and dramatic view-through. Wooden textures, natural elements–your view will only be enhanced with these finishing touches to the unique design of your rustic decor. And that’s not all. So many window treatments offer you options for operating features that allow for the best experience–light control, glare reducing, privacy, convenience–choices that fit your home and lifestyle.

Autumn is here in the Kansas City area. It’s time to embrace the look of rustic decor to bring the warmth and richness of autumn into your home. And we’d love to help. At One Stop Decorating, we can help you design a space you love. You’ll be able to bring together the beautiful look of your home with design elements and window treatments that offer the harmony of autumn’s characteristic textures and subtle color schemes. Contact our team for a free, in-home consultation.