Window Treatment Ideas for French Doors

French DoorsFrench Doors, doors that have one or more panels of glass set into the entire length of the door in order to also function as a window, can be difficult to find appropriate window dressings for. French Doors, also known as French windows, have commonly been installed to replace sliding glass doors. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when searching for window covering ideas.

  • Think of French Doors as a Window – Once you view your French Doors as a window, it will become easier for you to narrow down what type of window dressing would be perfect in your room
  • Consider Lighting – The window treatment should reflect how much natural sunlight and privacy you prefer from your French Doors.
  • Consider Décor – Keep in mind surrounding window treatments, the overall style, colors, and textures of the room. This will determine how much flexibility you are able to have with your French Door window treatment ideas.
  • Remember the handles! – The most common difficulty with finding the ideal window covering for your French Doors is working around the handles. There are several options you may consider: wood blinds, faux wood blinds, shades (which can fit between the door and handle), sheer draperies and curtains. Depending on the depth between the door and handle, blind slats can be carefully adjusted to fit over the handles or the blinds can be mounted inside the frame of the window. Brackets can also be installed at the bottom of the window to keep the blinds from hitting the window when the door is opened or closed.

There are many options available to you while you’re finding the perfect look for your overall room and French Doors. We at One Stop Decorating are proud to offer our customers our experience and expertise at each of our four store locations: Shawnee, Lee’s Summit, The Northland, and Overland Park. We are the largest independent, full line decorating resource in the Kansas City area.