5 Ways to Create a Designer Home This Spring

With the anticipation of springtime, do you find yourself craving a fresh look in your decor? Does the idea of creating your own designer home seem daunting? While it may seem overwhelming, we’ve got some tricks for you from our design experts that will help you refresh your home just in time for spring’s arrival.


#1 Seasonal Florals

Flowers and floral arrangements are the perfect accent in a designer home. The key to maintaining an on-trend look is to change out the floral decor with each season. We all love the reds and oranges of autumn, and of course, the blooms of summer. But what about springtime? Blossoms add a hint of color without overwhelming the space. The colors of springtime remind us of a soft awakening in nature. By matching the seasons, you’ll also create the essence of nature’s subtle transformation right inside your home.

Floral Accents Designer Home

#2 A Blank Canvas

Springtime is all about a fresh start. It feels like the world is new again. To help you on the path to creating your designer home, consider changing the paint color. For quite some time, the design world has been divided between two teams: Beige or Gray. However, with the new season upon us, the style competition may be over. “Greige” has come onto the scene as the perfect blend of both gray and beige–a warm neutral that invites contemporary style and soothing hues. No matter which color you choose, refreshing your home with a new shade of your favorite color will start you off on the right foot this spring.

#3 Control the Light

Is there anything quite as beautiful as the sunshine of springtime? Right now, we’d quickly say no. But…everything in moderation, right? It won’t be long until the gorgeous springtime weather turns into constant glare, harmful UV rays and uncomfortable temperatures. Part of creating a designer home is knowing how important it is to control the light. With the correct window treatments, you can adjust the amount of light and the way it enters your home. You can enjoy soft, filtered light without glare. Maintain the temperature and privacy at the window while you bring light in across the ceiling for daylighting. Create the ideal ambiance and transform your home with light control.

designer home control light

#4 Clear the Clutter

When you search through photos that seem to have the designer home look you’re striving for, do you know what they all have in common? They’re probably clutter free. While those photos are most likely staged for a picture–and not what happens in real life–one thing is for sure. A great way to create the ideal environment for styling your home is to clear away clutter. Springtime is the perfect occasion to get rid of anything you don’t need or want anymore. Look for items that no longer seem to fit the style you’re trying to achieve. This tidying up will do wonders for helping you design the home of your dreams.

living room designer home

#5 Make It Your Own

You’ll hear us say this time and time again. No matter what style is on-trend, no matter the most popular color of the year, if you don’t love it, it won’t work for you. Creating a designer home has strong roots in surrounding yourself with what you love. Our design team would love to help. With four showrooms in the Kansas City area, we’re just a short drive away. We’d love it if you stopped by for some inspiration for your designer home project! Want our team to come to you? Our free, in-home consultation offers you a shop-at-home-experience with advice to guide you through the process. Contact our team at One Stop Decorating to get started today!