Need to Cover Sliding Glass Doors?

As spring draws near in the Kansas City area, have you been searching for ways to cover sliding glass doors in your home? This time of year sees a great deal of traffic in and out of your home, and you need solutions. We know how important these doors are to your lifestyle–they bring in natural light, create easy access to the outdoors, and provide a great view. But, without proper window treatments, glass doors are similar to large, bare windows. They can ruin your environment by bringing in too much light, heat, and lack of privacy. If you’re struggling with these issues, it’s time to find solutions that improve the function, style and atmosphere of your home. Take a look at some of the benefits you’ll experience once you cover sliding glass doors.

Incredible Function

cover sliding glass doors shuttersWe’re approaching springtime, which means we’re going to want to enjoy the outdoors more. You’ll want to easily bring in fresh air. Will you lose the convenience with window treatments? Nope! In fact, you can add even more function to your glass doors.Is the sun a little too bright in early afternoon, but provides the perfect dinnertime light? With PowerView motorization, you can open your window treatments at the touch of a button. Or, create a schedule of your favorite settings. Do you have a dog that likes to go outside at the same time every morning? Program your door shades to open at exactly the right time. Other operating systems allow the simplicity of push/pull motion for easy access. Wand control allows you to open, close, rotate–whatever you need. Our shutters operate with a bi-pass track. And, for horizontal coverings, we offer cordless LiteRise. All with a simple push or pull. You’ll add convenience and function to your life when you cover sliding glass doors.

Enhanced Environment

cover sliding glass doors sheer window treatmentsMuch like the largest windows in your home, sliding glass doors allow in so much light, the environment can become overwhelming and uncomfortable. It’s hard to enjoy your space with the bright sun taking over your rooms. Not only can you enhance your environment with soft, filtered light, but you’ll also add amazing benefits. Energy efficiency helps maintain comfortable temperatures year round. UV protection keeps the valuables of your home–like flooring, fabrics and beautiful artwork–safe. Privacy is yours to control. And, the harsh glare is diffused. We’re between seasons, so now is the perfect time to cover sliding glass doors. 

Impeccable Design

cover sliding glass doors vertical blindsA comfortable environment, amazing function…what else can you add to your home when you cover sliding glass doors? Fashion! Match your window treatments to your decor and watch as you turn your space into a designer home. Coordinate vertical and horizontal shades, like the ones shown here, for a fun, designer look. Create a personalized design with your favorite fabrics and colors. It’s your home…you deserve comfort and style!


Are You Ready to Cover Sliding Glass Doors?

Don’t let bare doors ruin your atmosphere. With the right window treatments, you can add style, function, and control to your home–all you have to do is cover sliding glass doors. Are you interested in a certain product? Do you still need some options? Contact our team at One Stop Decorating for design advice. We’ll walk you through different ideas, designs, and features to fit your home perfectly. Come visit us at one of our showrooms, or schedule a free, in-home consultation. We can’t wait to get started!