5 Ways to Love Hard to Reach Windows

The light coming into your home can provide tremendous atmosphere and amazing benefits. But when windows are hard to reach, it can leave you feeling like you have no control. If you have gorgeous windows high up in your foyer, or large windows placed behind furniture, we have a variety of ways to help you discover all the benefits–while solving common issues. Enhance your home, and bring out the best in your windows, with this handy guide to loving your hard to reach windows.

#1 Identify What You Love–And What You Don’t.

There’s much to love about hard to reach windows. After all, they bring in amazing light. There’s a lot to be said for a home filled with light, including daylighting–which allows for energy savings–and the atmosphere that has the potential to boost your overall mood. But, what about the issues? Are your hard to reach windows causing annoying glare during certain parts of the day?

Designer Banded Shades in white in a modern living room with floor to ceiling black trim windows
Designer Banded Shades

Are you noticing fading and damage to your furnishings from overexposure to UV rays? Does the temperature skyrocket, depending on the time of day and season of the year? It’s a great idea to make a list of what characteristics you love and which ones need to be improved. That way, when you want a solution, you can find the right one! (And we can help!)

#2 They Don’t Need Constant Attention.

One thing about hard to reach windows–if they’re up high, out of the way, they rarely need constant attention. These windows add character and light to your home. Having light coming in across the ceiling offers daylighting for your home, but leaving them bare doesn’t cause privacy concerns or issues of glare. In this case, you’re probably looking for a solution that brings out the best in them, as well as energy efficiency.

living room with three large wide windows covered with pirouette sheer shades

This is where you’ll want window coverings that provide soft, filtered light, UV protection, energy efficient properties and a designer look. Sheer fabrics and materials that offer light filtering would help you create the perfect design and function, leaving them alone to bring in ample light while protecting the atmosphere of your home.

#3 They Bring In Amazing Light.

Whether you have hard to reach windows that are too high to get to, or placed behind furniture in your home, they probably offer amazing light. But where there’s light, there’s a need for light control. One of the best ways to create the perfect balance of light throughout the changing needs of the day is automation. Motorized blinds and shades are altering the way you live in your home.

A dinning room with Vignette® Stacking with PowerView® Motorization Top-Down/Bottom-Up Roman Shades.

You’re one simple adjustment away from the ideal amount of light–using your favorite device or the sleek Pebble remote. You can also enjoy a programmed schedule of adjustments, based on your home’s unique needs over the course of the day. Set the schedule, and the rest of the time, you can marvel at how beautiful the light is.

#4 They Offer a Beautiful View.

Sometimes, the hard to reach windows in your home are the largest ones. If you have floor to ceiling windows, you probably also have a gorgeous view. No one wants to get rid of the view, but a view out is also a view in during certain parts of the day. Too much light causes blinding glare, and the temperature…it can be stifling during the hottest parts of the year and drafty during the coldest. To begin with, take a look at your layout.

floor to ceiling shades next to leather lounger and large potted tree in Lee's Summit, KS

If you’ve been putting off finding the right blinds or shades because you’re worried about access, have you thought about the layout? With floor to ceiling windows, the layout can seem tricky. But, the latest home design inspiration for open floor plans has us reconsidering “conversation spots.” The furniture comes together, lending itself to its own room, for a cozy and inviting experience, away from the windows. That means you’ll have access to your windows while creating a fabulous atmosphere in your home. It’s a win-win.

#5 They Add Character.

Do your hard to reach windows also boast charming style? Are they specialized shapes? When you designed your home, or imagined these unique windows, you probably thought about all that they add to your home. So many times, the reasons you loved these windows to begin with can be forgotten due to common issues. Don’t let specialty shapes scare you away from finding the right window coverings. Your windows can maintain their beauty and uniqueness with window coverings that highlight the custom shape–not cover it up.

angled tri-windows with white hybrid shutters for durability light control
Newstyle® Hybrid Shutters

Love Your Hard to Reach Windows.

Adding character, beauty and incredible light to your home, hard to reach windows can be an asset. As for solutions to the common issues you’re facing–like light control, UV damage, privacy concerns and more…let us help you solve them! In the Kansas City area, there’s no better resource than our team at One Stop Decorating. We’ll come to you with ideas, inspiration and advice to help you create the perfect atmosphere in your home! Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.