Beautiful and Functional: Silhouette Window Shadings

Silhouette Window Shadings

Privacy, light control and safety top the list as major concerns for the home environment around the Kansas City area, regardless of season or temperature.  While we like to think we can solve issues for your home with any one of the dynamic products from Hunter Douglas, we know you will be inspired with what Silhouette Window Shadings have to offer. Do you have window concerns for which you cannot find resolution?  Contact us. You’ll be glad you did. Some of your Kansas City neighbors have had questions for us recently, and Silhouette Window Shadings was the answer to suit their needs.

The sunlight glare is blinding as it streams through our windows. What can we do to escape?

As much as we love the sun, that glare is unyielding. Silhouette Window Shadings offer a soft, filtered light  as the sunshine enters through sheer fabric. The natural light is rendered comfortable and a welcomed sight. The vanes and sheers of Silhouette Window Shadings allow you to control the amount and direction of the light. This results in the creation of an ideal atmosphere for any occasion. Silhouette Window Shadings also protect your home from harmful UV rays that damage furniture, flooring and belongings over the years.

Many of our windows are too large for typical window treatments. What can we do?

This common problem can easily be resolved with Silhouette Window Shadings. These shades offer a two-on-one headrail, which allows two shades to use the same headrail. Meant for large windows, they reduce the light gap and permit shades to operate individually or at the same time.

We have a beautiful view, but privacy is really important to us. Which product will suit our needs?

Silhouette Window Shadings offer you the opportunity to have both. With a patented material, titled ‘Anti-moire’, your shadings offer an amazing view beyond your windows, and the view-in is blocked during the day. The view to the outside is saved from obstructions – no cords and tapes to get in the way. This is a great safety feature for children and pets.

With a fabric collection from rich tones to calming hues, and vanes available in three different sizes, your design options are endless. By choosing from light-dimming selections to various opacities, you can specify exactly what is right for your home. Silhouette Window Shadings. The perfect solution to your window covering needs. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation. You will be glad you did.