Create the Beauty of Coastal Decor

A soothing and tranquil atmosphere is a welcome relief in the midst of busy schedules and the stresses of life. When you think about the easiest place to relax, what comes to mind? The design world often turns to the shore. Coastal decor is a mainstay of interior design. Soft, natural, and fresh, it holds everything you need to create beauty and relaxation in your home. Do you love its look and feel? Which aspects of coastal decor draw you in?


Seaside Textures

Coastal decor is full of textures that recall the natural ones found by the sea. Smooth and shiny textures speak to things like beach glass and the look of calm water. Rough and unfinished pieces are reminiscent of grains of sand and driftwood. Even greenery and florals–like sea oats and bayhops–bring organic textures that refresh and calm. The textures you choose will help you set the style of your space.

coastal decor Overland Park

Here, Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades fashion a gorgeous backdrop by bringing the view of the coastline right into the room. Together with the mix of seaside textures–from the smooth leather on the chairs to the raw, woven look of the area rug–this space feels peaceful and wholly natural.


Coastal Colors

Color palettes used in coastal decor are quiet and calm. They draw their hues from the very colors found by the shore. Building from a base of neutrals, this style is all about personal preference. Starting with favorite whites, creams, grays, or beiges creates the foundation of the color scheme. Then cool colors, like soft blues and soothing greens, often mix in to complete the look.

coastal decor Shawnee

The color of these Provenance Woven Wood shades is the perfect accent amid all the neutrals in this room. Combined with the white shiplap and weathered wooden cabinet, the shades bring simple and visual beauty.


Oceanfront Elements

Furniture and accents in coastal decor styling often use and take the shape of the natural elements found at the ocean. Warm woods, white- or gray-washed finishes, and pieces made from actual driftwood work beautifully. Light, woven fabrics bring a sense of the seaside breeze. Accents with curves and flowing shapes act like water. And, greenery beathes life into the whole design.

coastal decor Lee's Summit

This room just drips with stylized coastal decor. Oceanfront elements fill the space, and the view of the shore–through these Everwood blinds–polishes off the look. Low profile and totally chic, the blinds themselves add their own element of beauty.


Coastal Decor & More For Your Home

If the song of the sea is calling you, we’d love to help bring the softness and serenity of coastal decor to your home. Whether you’re looking to create a beachy oasis or simply bring in a few fabrics and features of this style, our designer professionals can get you started. With the right shades, shutters, or blinds, you can outfit your home for both beauty and function. And, don’t forget furniture, bedding, wallpaper, accents, and more. We have what you need for all your home decorating projects, so stop in! Or, get in touch with our team, at One Stop Decorating, to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation!