Before and After Window Coverings: See the Dramatic Transformation

The light in your home affects the way you live, and everything inside. In the Kansas City area, we know that the massive amount of rain we all experienced during the month of June put a damper on our lives. As adults, we also realize that too much of a good thing can cause just as many problems. Sunshine – we love it. But is it playing havoc in your home? Experience the transformation of before and after window coverings that bring in the beauty of natural light to brighten your mood, but take away the frustration of direct light.


Can you relate to this living room?

before and after window coveringsA beautiful view, a landscape not to be missed. If you have large windows, the view is probably one of the things you love the most about them. Not in direct sunlight, this room still catches an incredible amount of sunlight. Can you see outside? The glare is blinding. The view is not being enjoyed – it’s being avoided. As the sunlight fills the room, do you notice what it touches? Everything. The art displayed on the accent wall, the furniture, the flooring, the rug – every aspect of this room appears faded. Harmful UV rays cause much more damage than is realized. And now…what you can’t see. The temperature. The sun shines through the windows – which make up 75% of the exterior wall – and the temperature rises, and rises and rises. The ‘Before’ of before and after window coverings shows us a home that is uncomfortable and frustrating – not at all what it should be.

Do you want a dramatic transformation?

before and after window coveringsPleasant is the first word that comes to mind. The ‘After’ of before and after window coverings transformation shows us a room that looks comfortable and inviting. The colors of the room are on display – everything will retain the fresh look, the design details that you work so hard to create. The glaring light is gone, but the room is highlighted with the daylighting of top down bottom up window shades that adjust to your needs. You don’t have to sacrifice your view with window shades – you can choose to enjoy exactly the amount of it when you want. PowerView motorization is the newest innovation from Hunter Douglas. With the push of a button on your Pebble remote or favorite device, and you have instant adjustment for a selection of the perfect scene. We still can’t see the temperature, but we know it’s comfortable. Duette Shades offers the highest energy efficiency in the industry for consistent temperature no matter the sunshine or the season.


Do you deserve it?

Absolutely. You deserve the lifestyle control offered with window shades in your Kansas City area home. It’s time you experience the dramatic transformation that occurs from before and after window coverings. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without them when you finally understand the benefits of energy efficiency, light control, privacy and protection. Add PowerView motorization for truly unique home transformation. Contact our team, at One Stop Decorating, for a free, in-home consultation today!