Energize Summer Vacation with a Room Makeover!

Your kids have been enjoying summer vacation for a few weeks – even in spite of our rain-soaked June, and now is about the time that Summer boredom sets in. Without the normal structure of the school day, what are they to do?!?! It’s time to jazz up Summer vacation with a room makeover that will keep them busy and having fun from beginning to end! Every child wants a bedroom unique to their own interests and personality, but as the parent, you know function is important, too! And you want to pick features that will last. Here are some tips for a successful room makeover to energize your child’s Summer vacation here in the Kansas City area.

Give them the tools.

Sometimes, they just need their own space. Whether that’s a desk – perfect for writing and drawing – or a table with art supplies and various craft items, you’ll encourage your child to design hours of fun. Feeling the Pinterest bug? Paint one of your child’s playroom walls with chalk or magnet paint, and let the fun begin! The most important part of any of these ideas is to make a plan together. Brainstorming can lead to an endless amount of projects. Creating an inspiration board – like the one seen here – of stories to write or crafts to make will be a great addition for style and function. Your child’s favorite prints and patterns for custom window treatments? Take a look!

Room Makeover

Room to Grow.

As a parent, you know how often children change their minds. It’s no different when it comes to a room makeover. That’s why it’s best to choose features of style that will extend over a period of years, regardless of continually changing interests. Upholstery, custom drapery panels and paint colors can tie in with a favorite color scheme – many fabrics, prints and colors will span a number of years. Use your child’s current artwork and photos for framed decor – easy to switch as the years go by. Personalize the space with cherished toys and books, and as your child transitions from one stage to the next, the design will hold steady. Check out Pinterest for inspirational ideas.

Make it personal.

It’s important for children to identify with things they like – it helps them determine who are they are to become. Help them discover and foster their unique personality with a room makeover full of design and style that’s customized to them. From bedding that uses favorite colors schemes and patterns, to custom shelving that features photos and your child’s prized knick-knacks, you can help them create a space with a look that’s all their own. There are so many options available for monograms and name art; your child will be able to pick just the right style for their room makeover! Love this custom bedding? Check out what we can do for you.

Room Makeover

Encourage reading!

There’s no better gift you can give your child than books – and a special spot to enjoy them. We’ve all heard how much learning children lose over the Summer. Instead of two steps back, take one giant leap forward with a unique reading area in your child’s bedroom or playroom. From the cozy cutout of a bay window outfitted with soft pillows, to the simplistic, yet ideal, setting with a plush area rug and a bean bag chair, nothing will add to your child’s room makeover more! To top it all off, at One Stop Decorating, we have paints, wallpaper and upholstery to help you design the perfect reading space. See what we can do for you!

Room makeover

Things to Keep in Mind… 

Cords matter. For functionality and safety, choose cordless or cord-safe window coverings. Our operating systems – like the simplistic function of LiteRise, or the intuitive technology of PowerView – offer you peace of mind.

Consider the light. Sleep is affected by how much light is allowed to enter. Choose room-darkening if you want to ensure protection against outside light – both natural and man-made. And the whole family will sleep better!

Keep it consistent. Here in Kansas City, we experience a vast range of weather. The light control and energy efficiency of the window shades in your child’s room can provide a consistent, comfortable temperature year round.

Thinking of a room makeover to add to your child’s creative style? At One Stop Decorating, we can help you choose the perfect decor to jazz up your child’s space this Summer. From window coverings and window treatments, to paint, wallpaper and decor, customize your child’s room makeover with just the right touch. Visit one of our four Kansas City area locations to get started, or contact our team for a free, in-home consultation today!