Our Top 3 Ways to Save Your Home from the Summer Heat

Are you enjoying your Summer? Packed with activities and filled with fun, we all have been having a great Summer in the Kansas City area. Are you ready for some relief? With the intensity of the sun in the Kansas City area, if you don’t have the right window coverings, you could be suffering. Don’t despair! Summer doesn’t have to ruin the atmosphere in your home. Our team, at One Stop Decorating, would love to help! Here are our top three choices to save your home from the Summer heat.

save your home from the summer heat 

PowerView Automation

Last month, Hunter Douglas released the latest innovation in motorized window shades: PowerView. We couldn’t be more thrilled, and you won’t believe what PowerView can do to save your home from the Summer heat. It allows you to save your favorite settings in the Scene Controller – with your window shades exactly how they need to be based on your home’s unique location. And then, you can schedule those scenes so they happen automatically. Your home won’t be 1,000 degrees when you walk in after a long day. Your valuable furnishings will be protected from the harsh UV rays. And…if you find yourself away from home, but you want to ensure privacy, the PowerView App lets you control your window shades from anywhere in the world. The ultimate control, right at your fingertips with your favorite device – that’s the ingenuity of PowerView automation.


Insulation at the Window

save your home from the summer heatThe air within your home is affected by the air just outside your window. We won’t bore you with the details, but as the air brushes up against the window, the temperature of that air is changed. And that’s not all. Direct sunlight treats your windows very much like magnifying glasses, as the temperature in your home soars – making your home even hotter than the temperature outside. It’s time for you to save your home from the Summer heat with cellular technology. Our Duette shades act as insulation as the cell-within-cell shadings protect the inside of your home from those outdoor influences. Pockets of air are designed to keep layers of insulation between you and the elements, allowing your home to remain comfortable and consistent year round. With the highest standards of energy efficiency in the industry, you will save your home from the Summer heat and save money as well!


Top Down Bottom Up

save your home from the summer heatWe love how this lifestyle feature can save your home from the Summer heat. We call it a lifestyle feature because it really does improve your life within your home. To begin with, one reason for not having window blinds or shades is because they might keep you from enjoying what you get from your windows: natural light and a view of the landscape. The problem comes with windows letting in too much natural light so that you can’t enjoy your home, and that blinding light often ruins the view. With top down bottom up window shades, like with these Applause shades, you get the best of both worlds. Experience valuable daylighting as just the right amount of natural flows in through the top and disperses about your home. Bring up the bottom to enjoy a breathtaking view – when you want it. Created to suit your home’s unique needs, this feature is one of our favorites!


Summer time should be all about fun. If the inside of your home is not comfortable and consistent, we can help. With features that will save your home from the Summer heat, your home will be a sanctuary of relief. Choose one – or all three for an energy efficient trifecta. Save money and live better with just the right window shades in the Kansas City area. Contact our team, at One Stop Decorating, for a free, in-home consultation.