Discover the Best Bedroom Window Treatments

Your bedroom is a space that should be private and comfortable. In order to accomplish this, it must first be equipped with the best bedroom window treatments. They need to control the light, maintain privacy, and look great. Could it be time for a bedroom upgrade?

Increase Sleep, Decrease Light

Room darkening has always been a key feature when it comes to the best bedroom window treatments. But, did you know they are beneficial for more than just the rising sun? During the night there can be many factors that interfere with your sleep. Headlights of passing cars, a bright moon, and glaring street lights can all cause restlessness. Picking the right window treatments can give you uninterrupted beauty sleep you deserve.

bedroom room darkening shades on floor to ceiling windows in Shawnee KS
Designer Screen Shades

Levels of Room Darkening

Not all window treatments that block out light are created equal. There is a difference between room darkening and blackout blinds. Room darkening will keep most of the light out. However, in times of intense or direct light, the edges of the window will let light in.

Romans shades fabric in light-filtering fabrics on the left, room darkening on the right

Blackout shades with the help of the LightLock™ System, seal out the light completely.

blackout curtains blackout shades silhouette a deux
Silhouette Blackout Shades

Easily Adjustable

During slumbering hours, it’s important to have ideal darkness. But what about during the day? It’s important to have inviting natural light. In today’s times, it’s not unordinary for this space to be dual purpose. Maybe it’s where you have your afternoon meeting call, cup of coffee, or catch up on the morning news.

window treatment motorization bedroom

Automated window treatments are made to make your lifestyle a breeze. They are available to use in the following operating ways:
– Tap the remote upon entering the room for instant adjustments.
– Control anywhere, right from your phone!
– Voice control eliminates looking for a device.
– Scheduled adjustments create a “set it, and forget it” system

Dual Shades: Dual Options

Dual Shades are gaining popularity. This newest feature is available in many different window treatments. Two shades on one window is the best of both worlds. You can filter light or have room darkening without making any sacrifices.

provenance woven wood dual shades
Provenance® Woven Woods

Double the Benefits with Top Down Bottom Up

In your bedroom you want privacy but also to have a well-lit atmosphere. The extremes of too much flooding light or a dark cave are not ideal. With top down bottom up both issues can be resolved. You can have natural light and privacy all in one. No need to worry during your morning or afternoon routine.

south facing windows in Kansas City area bedroom with top down shades
Provenance® Woven Woods

Energy Efficient

When it’s cold, you want your bedroom to stay warm and vice versa. Having insulated window coverings keeps your bedroom at a comfortable temperature. Throughout the day the sun’s rays move and certain rooms will need higher levels of energy efficiency than others. You’ll be able to lay your head on the pillow knowing it’ll be a great night’s sleep.

Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Keeping it Kid Safe

Childproofing your home can seem easy enough, but what about the window coverings? Dangling blind cords can be dangerous for children and cause serious injury.

Applause® Honeycomb Shades

To keep the kiddos safe, there are a wide range of operating systems that eliminate cords completely or keep them out of reach.

Let’s Choose the Best Bedroom Window Treatments for Your Home

Each room of your home deserves its own, customized solution. But, we can start with the bedrooms. Contact our team at One Stop Decorating for your free consultation to get started today. We want to make your home as comfortable as possible!