A Blue Color Story in 7 Rooms

Blue. Its timeless style and classic vibe will always be on the forefront of design. But which shade are you loving? Telling a blue color story has never been easier. This color family boasts a vast range of shades, each one appealing to the senses in a different way. From accents to backdrops, take a look at how blue can set the tone of your home, from soft and subtle to strikingly beautiful…

Say Hello.

First impressions are powerful. How do you feel when you walk into your home at the end of a long day. Blue is often thought of as one of the most calming colors. When you want to tell a blue color story, start in your entryway. We love the light, airy feel of this space. Both style and function come together in perfect harmony.

Contemporary Cool in the Kitchen

Doesn’t this space just invite you in? We love the softness of blues in the backsplash, while the eye-catching pop of cobalt color of the chairs takes the design to the next level. Telling a blue color story with enduring elements, like this tile they’ve chosen, will pair well with any accent colors over time. Blue has the ability to transcend style–one of the reasons we love it so much for decor. It’s always in style.

Bold Design, Stunning Results

Dramatic design brings the character of the home into play with these dark blue walls. When choosing a dark blue for wall color, you have to be intentional. The white ceiling and mantle, the light colored flooring, the furniture in the space–it has all been carefully selected. We love how the large mirror brings the antique chandelier into focus.

Soft & Subtle Encourages Success

As more and more people work from home, the importance of the home office has increased. In addition, creating a calming environment invites success. The soft blue walls of this home office welcome a feeling of tranquility–exactly what you need in order to concentrate. We love the soft look of fabric shades, but for an office, you’ll want to consider how the light interacts with the space. Sheer shades that diffuse the light will keep the glare down and your energy up.

The Fifth Wall

Have you heard about one of the latest design trends? The fifth wall, as it’s being called, is the act of painting the ceiling beyond the traditional white–like the wall color in this space. We’ve also seen wallpaper on the ceiling, as the accent wall of the space, and it is truly dynamic. When telling a blue color story, we can’t imagine anything better. This dining room is pure elegance. Be careful with lighting in this scenario. While we love the soft flowing fabrics of the draperies, the light stays right at the window. Top down shades can also offer beautiful fabrics, but the light will extend into the space and across the ceiling.

The Spa Experience

Just what you want your master bath to encompass. Soothing tones, chic design. It’s an absolute dream. The blue color story in this master bath reminds us of the calm of the ocean waves. Aqua tones are perfect, set against contrasting white. And that skylight? It’s the ideal way to experience natural light with much-needed privacy. But what if you need skylight solutions? What is the light is just too much at times? Smart shades. Touch a button on your smartphone, and you’ll adjust the entering light to your exact preferences. It’s that easy.

Say Goodnight…

Such a soft, serene space. A blue color story is classic for your master bedroom. This accent wall, done with a rich blue grasscloth is full of style and dramatic contrast with the rest of the space. We love well it pairs with the neutral elements in the design. Want to get a good night’s sleep? While we love the way the soft fabric of roman shades blend into the space, you’ll want blackout blinds, shades or shutters to ensure you can achieve the ideal atmosphere.

Excited to Tell a Blue Color Story in Your Home?

Which shades do you love? Which design elements are you excited about? We’d love to know! At One Stop Decorating, we can help you get started on telling the perfect blue color story in your home. From window treatments to wallpaper–and beyond, we are your “One Stop” for interior design in the Kansas City area! Visit our showrooms in Kansas, located in Overland Park and Shawnee, or in Missouri in Lee’s Summit and the Northland. Or invite us to your home with inspiration and samples to help you shop from the comfort of your couch. Contact us today to get started!