Choosing Roman Shades: Define Your Style 

Roman shades have been a staple in homes for a very long time. How long? Believe it or not, their history dates back to Ancient Rome! As is the case of most groundbreaking inventions, roman shades were born out of necessity. Romans, would hang wet cloth over windows to protect their interiors from dust and debris.The rest is history! Today, choosing roman shades is simple with styles and fabrics fit for a king. Define your style. 


Choosing Custom Fabrics

Roman shades are a popular choice in window treatments for many reasons. Most importantly, adding roman shades to your home adds a personal touch. Our clients are amazed by how they can complement the decor of their homes by selecting fabrics from a wide range of styles. We offer a huge selection, starting with soft neutrals in subtle patterns, to show stopping colors and prints. Choose roman shades and make a statement! 

uniquely-shaped arched windows in modern contemporary home
Design Studio® Roman Shades with Draperies 

Cascading Designs VS Flat Stack

Did you know there’s more than one style of roman shades? Two of those design choices refer to the folds: waterfall and flat stack. Each offers their own unique look, but the function remains the same. Here’s how: Roman shades fold as they rise and then unfold and fall into place when they are lowered. When choosing roman shades, you decide the look that works best for your space. Whether it’s the softer, curved look of cascading romans, or the uniform look of flat stack, they both will add beauty to your home.

Dark woven woods shades Overland Park, KS
Provenance® Woven Woods with a softer, curved fold

Here’s an example, both stunning accents to your windows.

naturally modern window treatments
Provenance® Woven Wood Shades with a flat stack

Rolling Romans

With modern innovation, we have taken roman shades to the next level. Undeniably, roman shades are beautiful just the way they are, but when combined with the simple operating system of roller shades? AMAZING! If you prefer your roman shades to roll up and disappear into the headrail, this style is ideal! Open up your view with no folding fabrics and no stack at the top! We can help you decide when rolling romans are the right choice for you!

hunter douglas blue roller roman shades bathroom in blue color of the year 2020 overland park KS
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Choosing Roman Shades

Our showrooms are open, and window treatment specialists are waiting to help you create the home of your dreams. Choosing roman shades may be the key to adding comfort & style to your space. Discover the many styles available and feel the fabrics in-person! Let’s work together, identifying your wants and needs to create the perfect custom look for your home. Contact us for your FREE consultation in your home.