A Before & After: Get Rid Of Glare

If you’ve ever found yourself searching “how to get rid of glare,” we have solutions for you! Too much light entering your home can ruin the atmosphere, but the solution is simple! Window coverings are a stylish way to help get rid of that pesky glare. See the results of this before and after, plus lots of other details suited for you!

Does This Scenario Sound Familiar?

Natural lighting is a great way to brighten up any room, but with the summer sun, it can sometimes feel like your home is full of blinding light. Squinting around the room, trying to get work done, feels futile. The glare seems to be winning this battle. It’s situations like these that make people feel desperate to get rid of glare.  

Let’s Not Forget About The Heat

Do you find yourself cranking up the AC extra high in the summer? If you’re like most people in the Kansas City area, trying to find ways to keep the sun out of your home is a continual issue. The heat passing through windows into your home will not only ruin your electric bill, but that chic area rug on your hardwood floors? It will be permanently marked there, due to the floor around it fading. Plus, with no window coverings, you can wake up and say “Good morning!” to your neighbors and “goodbye” to your privacy. 

Get Rid of Glare, Add Window Treatments.

Yes, our company specializes in window coverings. So, it makes sense that we would  want you to add them. But, the reason? We believe that you deserve the transformation that these shades bring, to your home and life!

top down bottom up motorized shades on large windows Lee's Summit MO

Are you hesitant? In an attempt to get rid of glare, do you fear that window coverings will make it feel “cave-like” and dark? Well, that’s simply not true! Just look at this space! Let’s look at the details of what’s been added…

Top Down Bottom Up Shades

Let’s start with a fan favorite. With top down bottom up shades, you get the best of both worlds! By allowing you to bring in light–and a view of the outdoors– but still allowing you privacy, these shades are perfect for any home. 

Motorized Shades

Let’s talk about motorized shades next. With motorized shades, large windows and hard-to-reach windows have never been easier to adjust. By simply tapping your phone or even a “Hey, Siri…” the atmosphere around you is transformed. get rid of glare in an instant.

Vignette Modern Roman Shades

Beautiful window treatments that offer energy efficiency. Sounds like a dream, right? 

Whether your style choice would be these custom roman shades, sheer shades or roller shades, the glare will be gone for good! Our team at One Stop Decorating would be more than happy to help you find shades that do! Contact us today for your free in-home consultation.