Drapery Panels add Just the Right Look.

Like sunshine after a rainy day, our moods are affected by the environment that surrounds us. Embrace the environment where your mood begins and ends each day…your home. Your home’s arrangement and decor can have a huge impact upon how you feel and think. We consider your windows and your window treatments to be the backdrop of your home, and the team at One Stop Decorating has ideas that will influence your mood and your daily life. This is nothing new. For decades, researchers have presented information about how color can affect different parts of our lives. Let’s go beyond that to create the perfect environment for each room in your home.

Your Bedroom, Your Sanctuary

Peaceful and calm, your bedroom must reflect the characteristics that allow you to wind down after a long day. When considering window coverings for your master, take the time to find what you love. This room is all your own, and you should enjoy everything about it. The dramatic look of layering with drapery panels and window coverings will provide you with valuable features of light control and privacy, while drapery panels will add a beautiful level of style and sophistication to complete the room. The color scheme is important as you want hues that soothe and comfort. Drapery panels can showcase current trends with timeless patterns or beautiful colors, while accents of banding and decorative hardware finish the drapery panels for just the right look. After you are done styling your master, have fun with the extra bedrooms in your home. Using colors you love, along with styling features you have been dying to try, create a different mood for each room with the dramatic look of drapery panels.

Living Room or Family Room…Or Both

Depending on the layout of your home, you may have more than one room that everyone gathers in. Many times, these are the rooms where families spend a majority of time together, and the function of the room can change depending on the occasion. Because this can be the centerpiece of your home, the importance of it reflecting a positive vibe is great. Drapery panels are a perfect addition to your windows for the backdrop of your family’s most important memories. Drapery panels will add a touch of color and style to bring the whole room together, which can seem like a daunting task if the room is large, or if you have an open floor plan. Drapery panels, full or stationary, will frame the window, letting light in to set the perfect atmosphere for any activity. Layer your drapery panels with window coverings for levels of light control that can be adjusted, based on the activity or need. If there is a TV in the room, choose a window covering with levels of room-darkening for just the right scene. Window coverings that allow you to enjoy your view, even while they are lowered, enhance the look of the room and increase options for natural light and daylighting. The finishing touches of decorative hardware can add just the right accent to bring all your decor together. Banding adds to the dimensional look of your drapery panels for heightened styling.

Let’s Get Serious…Your Office

Whether you work from home, or you have organized an environment for those times when you need to get down to business, your office must reflect qualities that encourage a positive and productive attitude. Light is powerful because it can increase that productivity, but you want just the right amount, or you may end up at one end of the spectrum between exhausted and distracted. Window coverings can highlight the clean lines and structure of pleated shades or classic blinds. Your window coverings can offer the functional operation of top/down, bottom/up for the benefits of natural light. Whatever suits your home office, consider the drapery panels that will bring the room together. Drapery panels will add a touch of comfort to the structure of your office. They will increase the creative flow by adding just the right style and personality to this space. A top treatment may reflect characteristics of design that can be absent without elements of fabric. Make your home office a place you want to be, and you’ll be looking for more work to do, just so you can be in there!

Your Child’s Room…Welcome Sleep and Calm

You want your child to have a space to call their own, one that is inviting and peaceful, one that they can receive that restorative sleep they need. Window coverings and drapery panels play an important role in achieving the perfect sleeping environment for your child’s room. And let’s face it – nothing dictates the mood of the family quite like the mood of your child. Room-darkening window coverings with a child-safe operating system is the top priority. However, nothing welcomes a positive environment like your child’s favorite colors and personal styling. Make their little sanctuary a place of delight and adoration. With fun, styling features like banding and patterning, the fabrics will flow as your child peacefully drifts off to sleep. Natural light can filter in during afternoon play. Adorable prints and embellishments can add to the look of his or her room, adding the right amount of whimsical charm. Set the perfect mood in your child’s room to set the right mood all day long.

Your Bathrooms…Privacy is Important

The style of your home can have a tremendous impact on your mood. Make it a positive one with the flowing softness and intricate styling of drapery panels. Drapery panels can heighten the level of sophistication and comfort, complementing the decor and family function of each and every room. Our designers would love to show you how! Contact our team at One Stop Decorating for a free, in-home consultation.No one needs to tell you that privacy is the number one feature most people desire for the bathrooms in their homes. Light control can be an important feature for your master bath, where privacy might be king one minute, but you also need vibrant light when getting yourself ready in the morning. Create harmony in your bathroom with the soft flowing look of drapery panels to highlight the styles and features you love.  Decorative hardware can bring the whole room together, as the fabrics designate the softness of the room. This can be your retreat after a long day, with a soothing soak in the tub. Welcome yourself into an environment of harmony for a shift in your mood.