Elevate the Design of Your Skylights

The romance of skylights…there’s nothing quite like it. Do you remember the feeling you once had…the illusion that skylights would magically enhance your life? Rest assured, you can feel that way again with some innovative suggestions from One Stop Decorating. Living in Kansas City, we get a lot of sunshine, and sunshine is good for the soul….but not too much. The harsh glare charging through your skylights is enough to make anyone crazy, not to mention how they are probably leaving faded shapes on your belongings, floors and furnishings. Dreaming of lying under the stars to fall asleep, soon turns into the realization that sunlight keeps you from being able to sleep past six o’clock on Saturday morning. Skylights can be drafty in the winter and a cool air escape during those hot, Kansas City summers.

We understand how you once felt about your skylights, and we are here to help you rediscover those positive feelings again. You need to be in control. Let the professionals at One Stop Decorating guide you to choices that give you the control: control of the amount of light entering your home, control of the design and style to achieve understated grace, control for energy efficiency and control for effortless operation.

One-Stop-Decorating-Window-Blinds-for-Skylights1Subtlety of Design: Skylights are part of your ceiling. The beauty of skylights is the sophistication of design for discreet complexity. Blending in when you need them to blend, strikingly beautiful when you want them to be noticed. One Stop Decorating can help you choose the design features that will complement your home without distraction.

Functional Features: Energy efficiency is a very important feature for hot summers and frigid winters in Kansas City. The ability to keep the warm air inside your home during the winter and keep it out during the summer can be a reality with new window coverings from Hunter Douglas. Protect your furnishings and flooring with the UV protection gained by window coverings for your skylight. You will be in control of the amount of light entering your home. With many options available, you can choose window coverings that offer varying opacities from soft, filtered light to those with room-darkening qualities.

Ease of Operation: Innovation and advancement for operation allows you to open, close, tilt and adjust your window coverings with ease. One option is effortless movement with automation of your skylights. With just the touch of a button on your remote or wireless device, you are in total control of your skylight window coverings. Wands are also used to make the operation of your skylights easy and hassle-free. Enjoy the natural light when you want it, and change the atmosphere at your choosing. You really are in total control with these skylight window shadings from Hunter Douglas.

Elevate the dynamics of your skylight.  Enhance the ambiance of your home with features that allow you to  enjoy those skylights again. We can help you discover the options available for your home. Call the professionals at One Stop Decorating for a free, in-home consultation.