Enjoy the Outdoors Like Never Before: Outdoor Patio Shades

Outdoor Patio Shades

There is nothing quite like relaxing on your deck or patio with your family and friends, as the sun goes down on the Kansas City area. The skies here in Kansas City are some of the most beautiful, with backyard landscapes that present the perfect outdoor setting for fun entertaining or peaceful conversation. The problem with experiencing these opportunities is that the direct sunlight your patio receives throughout the day makes outdoor entertainment almost impossible, due to the harsh glare and exhausting heat. Until now. Your outdoor patio experience is about to change forever. We are excited to introduce a new product to our lineup of window covering solutions with exterior roller shades.

What are exterior roller shades?

Insolroll Window Shading Systems provides your patio, deck or balcony with the revolutionary product of outdoor patio shades, known as exterior roller shades, to diminish glare and reduce the heat, both produced by the intense, direct sunlight here in the Kansas City area.

Do you know how many times you use your patio during a Kansas City summer?

We have clients that use their patios only once or twice during the summer season. It’s a shame, since we do have beautiful weather and the ideal environment for enjoying the outdoors. The heat and direct sunlight is stifling, preventing so many people from enjoying their own backyards. The feedback we have received from clients that have recently had us install these outdoor patio shades is utter amazement. Exterior roller shades allow them to actually enjoy the outdoor patio areas at their houses – now that they have outdoor patio shades to create the perfect atmosphere.

What will exterior roller shades do to the look and use of your patio?

Along with the dramatic increase in the amount of time you will be able to entertain and relax on your patio, these outdoor patio shades will create a sanctuary of outdoor living. With a vast selection of fabrics to choose from, you can customize the look of your exterior roller shades with stylish design in mind, as well as the view-through that makes your outdoor living space complete. The hardware is built tough, to hold the fabric in place, while the operating features offer your family user-friendly solutions. Motorized options are also available for ease and convenience.

Outdoor Patio Shades

Who’s going to wear the sunglasses?

We know you face this problem. Sitting outside on a summer evening, trying to make the most of summer with close friends and family – someone in the group is wearing sunglasses. That direct sunlight is harsh. Of course, this only occurs if you can tolerate the heat. Get the most from your outdoor living space. With exterior roller shades, the enjoyment of your beautiful landscape will increase ten-fold. Outdoor patio shades reduce the heat so you can connect with nature in a comfortable temperature. Diffusing the glare of the setting sun, will allow you to chat comfortably with your neighbor without a pair of sunglasses. Contact our team at One Stop Decorating for a free, in-home consultation. Start enjoying summer more.