Relief from the Summer Heat with Window Coverings

Relief from the Hot Summer Sun

There’s nothing quite like escaping from the oppressively, hot summer heat. When you step in from outdoors, into the cool, refreshment of an air conditioned sanctuary, relief washes over you. The problem with relying on your central air during the hottest months of the year is that you have to keep it running around the clock to continually experience that refreshment. Understanding that concept means that you either have to agree to spend your child’s 529 college savings in the space of 3 months, or you need to find a different option. Relief from the summer heat can be affordable and instant, even using less A/C, with window coverings from One Stop Decorating.

Do you know that approximately one third of energy is escaping through your windows?

Heat passes through your windows. If you do not have window coverings, you will be sitting in direct sunlight during certain hours of the day. That sunlight streaming in through your windows is hot. Think back to that scene in Toy Story, where Sid, the destructive neighbor kid holds poor Woody under a magnifying glass. That is what is occurring in your home. Intense heat, even with the windows closed. With window coverings, you can find relief from that direct sunlight. With that solution, the direct sunlight is avoided, but so is your beautiful view. The professionals at One Stop Decorating have solutions that allow for you and your family to enjoy the maximum view-through to your beautiful landscape, while reducing the intense heat of the summer sun. These solutions use sheer fabrics to see through, while providing an outside reflection of that sunshine, helping you avoid the “Toy Story Effect” with relief from the summer heat.

Can window coverings offer higher insulation than new windows, at a lower price?

Even with window coverings, you may still be dealing with low energy efficiency and increased energy bills as a way to find relief from the summer heat. Air is constantly moving. When cool air meets warm air, that cool air can increase in temperature. The surface of your window, as well as any air leaking in from the outside, can cause a tremendous shift in temperature. One solution is to replace your windows. Have you priced new windows lately? They are outrageous, and at the end of the day, may not offer you much better insulating qualities. You may also have to replace your existing window coverings because of the dimensions of your new windows. The professionals at One Stop Decorating have solutions that will guarantee an immense amount of insulation to keep the air in your home from coming into contact with that hot air. Energy efficient window coverings from Hunter Douglas provide the highest levels of insulating properties in the industry.

Which window coverings will offer you the best solutions for YOUR home?

It’s hot. You need a solution so you can enjoy the weather when you want, and you can find relief from the summer heat when you don’t. The professionals at One Stop Decorating can advise you on topics – specific to your home – that may affect you the most. The direction your home faces, especially the window locations, can have an extreme impact. The fabrics you choose will allow you levels of relief you didn’t know were possible. These, and other factors, may differ based on the function of individual rooms in your home. Let us help you find relief from the summer heat with window coverings. Contact the professionals at One Stop Decorating for a free, in-home consultation.