Large Window Solutions: A Dramatic Before and After

If you’re lucky enough to have floor to ceiling windows in your home, you know just how gorgeous they can be. Natural light, scenic views, dramatic styling. Is that what comes to mind? Or have you lived with large, open windows long enough to know they can be as frustrating as they are beautiful. You might have thought keeping them open would deliver a spectacular view and amazing light. What you didn’t realize are the host of issues you’d be dealing with. Are you desperate for large window solutions? Do you need way to better the atmosphere of your home? The right window coverings can transform any room from unbearable into your favorite hangout spot. And you don’t have to sacrifice anything. Take a look at what a difference these large window solutions make in these before and after photos.

Before: From Dream to Disaster

Can you relate to this scene? It’s quite obvious that the view is beautiful, and it makes sense why the homeowner wanted it left open. Scenery, natural light, open air…all of those things can certainly enhance your mood, but without large window solutions, all you’ll be left with is disappointment. What started out as a dreamy vision, quickly becomes a nightmare of harsh lighting, UV exposure, constant glare and no privacy. What’s the point? And that dramatic styling that you were hoping for? The space looks completely washed out.

 bare windows need large window solutions

You know the frustrations of living without large window solutions all too well. How can anybody enjoy sitting in such overexposed lighting, glare and direct sunlight make the room uncomfortable and hot. You can’t relax, and you’re probably avoiding this space in your home most of the day and night, whether it’s due to unpleasant conditions or lack of privacy. And the UV rays? They wreak havoc on your home’s design elements. It’s difficult to describe the exact colors and textures in this picture. And over time, the colors will fade and pieces of furniture will be ruined. What you thought would be a dream design has now turned into a disastrous dilemma. Stay with us to see what large window solutions can do!

After: Stylish and Comfortable

What a dramatic transformation! One of our most popular large window solutions–sheer shadings–took this room from disaster to dream come true. Window coverings can change an entire environment, just like these Silhouette shadings did. The sheer fabric backing allows natural light to illuminate the room evenly, leaving out harsh glare. The vanes are simple to adjust, and float in place. That means you can achieve the perfect amount of natural light while still enjoying the spectacular view! You can find the perfect color for your home, which will add style and leave your rooms feeling complete. And forget worrying about damage to your furniture.

sheer shades large window solutions

Our large window solutions will protect your prized possessions from the harsh UV rays. You can enjoy your home with more privacy and can rest easy knowing your atmosphere and furniture is protected—all while adding fabulous style! For those who enjoy convenience–Hello…who doesn’t?–consider adding PowerView motorization to adjust your Silhouette shadings at the touch of a button, or create personalized settings to automatically move your shades. It doesn’t get much better than that.


Do You Need Large Window Solutions?

Yes! You deserve a space that’s private, comfortable, and free of damaging UV rays. With the right window coverings, you can transform your home into your own dream come true. Contact us today at One Stop Decorating for a free, in-home consultation. We’re here to answer any questions you may have, and guide you in the right direction for the best large window solutions your home needs.