Room Transformation: The Impact of Light

Incredible style, smart features, practical solutions…are you ready for a room transformation that can deliver that trifecta? Look around your home. Do you want to start over? Are you stuck in the middle–and you’re just not sure what to do next? Most people don’t realize the role light plays inside the home. Light control–or the lack of control–can have a tremendous effect on the atmosphere, your mood and the design. Want all the details? We can come to you with a unique plan and custom details that will provide the perfect finish. We’ll design a room transformation that will deliver all the benefits–the style, features and solutions you need.


Striking Design, Frustrating Issues

room transformation before photo

The idea behind the design of this home is simply stunning. Can you relate? Large windows that overlook the landscape and the outdoor areas offer the perfect setup for enjoying the beauty of sunny skies or the soft glow of sunset. The view is gorgeous–the light is amazing. But, the windows? They’re bare.


What’s Wrong with Bare Windows?

Once upon a time, having bare windows that overlooked such breathtaking views may have seemed like a dream. And, if you have windows that are open to the landscape, there may be times that you can sit back and enjoy them. But, if you have bare windows–especially large ones–you know the problems that arise:

  • Flooding UV Rays: Wreak havoc on your valuable furnishings and artwork
  • Overwhelming Heat: Chases you out of the room where you should be relaxing
  • Relentless Glare: Follows you, no matter which direction you’re facing
  • Lack of Privacy: Your comfort and safety feel compromised


Striking Design, Amazing Results

room transformation after photo

The first thing that strikes me as I see this room transformation is how soft the space feels. Still full of stunning style, the shadings don’t take away from the look. They enhance it. The fabric adds a coordinated look to the open floor plan, tying in the design scheme throughout the home. The dual function of these Duette Doulite shades give you the best of light control–adjust the shades up or down to create the control that fits your home–and each individual window. The best part? The view is still there, still stunning.


Room Transformation Details

When you plan a room transformation, like this one, you’re really transforming your life by controlling the way light is allowed to interact and influence your home. Not only do you receive practical solutions for maintaining the comfort of your home, you add incredible style and features that fit your life. Smart solutions, amazing results:

  • UV Protection: Design elements maintain color and value
  • Comfortable Temperature: Intense sunlight and heat stays out
  • Filtered Light: Gentle atmosphere is full of soft, natural light
  • Security & Privacy: Custom adjustments protect the view in


Don’t let overwhelming light ruin your beautiful home. If you need a room transformation, your friends at One Stop Decorating can create a custom plan for your home. We’ll help you choose the right window coverings to control the way the light interacts with your home.  Let us help you transform your Kansas City area home. Contact our team for a free, in-home consultation today.