Sheer Window Treatments for Soft, Natural Light

Are you looking for a new style to add ambiance to your home? Are you tired of compromising natural light for privacy? Let our design experts show you how sheer window treatments can give you the ambiance you’re looking for without compromising! You can get sheer beauty, balanced with softened natural light and privacy control, all in one window covering! Not convinced? Read on for more!


Optimized Privacy

Sheer Window Treatments Kansas CityThe beauty behind our sheer window treatments collection is all in the fabric. Take our Silhouette shades as an example–the sheer front and back panels, in combination with the fabric vanes, offer you limitless levels of privacy. While the shades are down and the vanes open, you have an unmarred view of your landscape while still protecting your privacy. As long as there is more light outside than within, these sheer shades will allow you to see out, but not in. You can keep your shades open all day long, maximizing the natural daylight coming in. If you need increased privacy for night, or even options for blackout during the day, we have a number of choices for you. Sheer window treatments with blackout options provide quality sleep and the highest level of privacy.


Glow Vs. Glare

Luminette Privacy Sheer Window TreatmentsOur sheer window treatments eliminate harsh glare from incoming sunlight, filtering it instead and spreading a soft, warm glow throughout the room. You’ll get all the benefits of natural light, without the glare or harmful UV rays–protecting your interior and furnishings in the process! Our Pirouette collection offers floating fabric vanes with a sheer backing. In addition to reflecting the harsh glare of the sun, when open, they offer a stunning, dramatic effect with layers of fabric when closed. We also have Luminette Privacy Sheers with vertical–instead of horizontal–vanes which are perfect for large windows and sliding glass doors.


Control At Your Fingertips

sheer window treatments motorized shadesWe have several operating systems to choose from for our sheer window treatments, one of the most popular options being the PowerView motorization. This feature lends limitless convenience and customization right at your fingertips. You can control one or multiple shades instantly with your favorite device or PowerView Pebble remote. Use the PowerView App to set your favorite scenes and program specific schedules for your motorized shades to function automatically. With the PowerView app, you have the ability to control your sheer window treatments from across the room, across town or even across the country! Now that’s control!


Sheer Window Treatments for Style, Function & Control

Let our design specialists show you how our sheer window treatments can transform the ambiance of your home, while offering key features for convenience, privacy and light control. You can have all of the benefits of a great window shades with none of the compromise of the things you want most! Contact us today to schedule your free, in-home consultation, or stop by any of our showrooms for life-size presentations and inspirational design ideas that will upgrade your home and your life!