The Importance of Small Spaces

Do you have those small spaces in your home that you find difficult to decorate? In the beginning, it may seem challenging. However, the result is well worth it! Let’s look at how some areas of your home, despite the size, can make your friends and family say, “Wow!” All it takes is the right approach.

Take Full Advantage of Your View

Let’s discuss your windows. They do an excellent job of brightening up every room, but did you know that they can work wonders in your small spaces? Windows greatly help it feel more spacious and inviting! As the natural light floods in, you get a sense of airiness. However, this may come at the expense of limited privacy or light control. To have the best of both worlds, opt for sheer shades. They are versatile window treatments that diffuse light while highlighting the view outside. When you need privacy, draw them closed.  

  • Now, onto furniture selection. Select pieces that have a low-profile design. By doing so, you can maximize the length of your room without overwhelming the small space.
A modern living area with a low-profile couch that covers the entire length of one wall. The Silhouette Window Shades are covering windows that lead out to a backyard with a pool
Silhouette® Window Shades

Make Your Rooms Smaller

Now, we know that you do not want your rooms smaller. However, we are talking about how you can split an open concept space into two sections. If the builder was dealing with boundaries that could not be adjusted, they may have opted for an open floor plan. This style lends itself to a better entertaining space, but does not create much privacy for those living in the home. Open floor plans can also be more difficult to decorate, and many style experts often recommend creating small spaces within the larger plan. Room dividers could be just the ticket. They only offer privacy and allow you to maintain that coveted open layout whenever you want. 

  • Creating designated areas with a room divider allows you to enjoy the space without the permanent commitment to adding a wall. You can create a cozy reading nook or a work-from-home space with ease!
Skyline® Panel Track Blinds that divide a bedroom space from the rest of the living area.
Skyline® Panel Track Blinds

Be Smart with Your Space

Hosting gatherings in small spaces can be a challenge, especially regarding seating arrangements. It requires some definite creativity. If seating is your issue, think about adding built-in seating. This will help make the most of every inch while adding a cozy vibe to your home.

  • Don’t overlook the potential of the corners in your home. They can help maximize space!

dining area with corner windows with shades halfway lowered

Developing Multi-Purpose Rooms

Your living room can metaphorically wear many hats. As long as the seating area fits the space, your family and friends will be happy! If you’re dealing with small spaces, your living room can double as a family room, and cozy media room. This can be done with just a couple of small changes. The right window treatments can instantly transform your space into the ultimate movie-viewing experience. 

  • Make a statement with large-scale artwork. It adds dimension, color, and character to your space. 

Create a Home Office

Finding room for a home office in a small area might seem impossible. Let’s remember the importance of utilizing corners! You can carve out a cozy office nook, by a window for great natural light and a scenic view. 

  • Enhance the look and feel of the space by adding draperies. Place them high above the window. It’ll make your windows appear larger and your ceilings taller.

make your room look larger with window coverings in Kansas City

At One Stop Decorating, we understand the importance of finding the perfect window treatments to complement your space. Whether you like natural light or prefer shade, our experts are here to assist you. Schedule a FREE consultation with us today, and let’s work on making a big impact in your small spaces.