Soft Shutters: The Beauty and Sophistication of Pirouette and Silhouette Window Shades

Traditions fill our Kansas City area homes during the holidays. Whether gathering for a feast around the table, sending cards, or giving gifts, traditions help us bond and connect with family, friends, and neighbors. And, there’s something special about celebrating the holidays surrounded by a traditional look. Nothing is more traditional at the window than shutters, and their holiday relevance is remembered every year as families read this famous line: “Away to the window I flew like a flash, tore open the shutters, and threw up the sash.” Shutters are classic. Their clean lines and sophisticated charm has been a staple of beauty and design for ages. While you might have visions of shutters dancing in your head, your practical side might be thinking that shutters just aren’t right for your needs. Did you know that you can have the timeless look of shutters with all the benefits of modern window shades? Let us introduce you to the idea of soft shutters with our Pirouette and Silhouette window shadings.


 window shades Kansas CityPirouette Window Shadings

Beautiful. Pirouette window shades are simply beautiful, and so are their benefits. Soft, fabric vanes attached to a sheer backing seem to float horizontally in place and mimic the look of shutter louvres when open. Yet the sheer backing provides more than shutters ever could. It brings in glowing natural light without glare, protects your home from harmful UV rays, and still gives you a clear view to the outside. Close the vanes, and you have complete privacy, options for room-darkening, and the smooth, finished look of a shade. You can also adjust them anywhere in between for a gentle contoured appearance. With an extensive collection of fabrics to choose from, Pirouettes are sure to complement your everyday decor and your holiday displays. Classic elegance and contemporary function combine to make window shades that will elevate the beauty of your home and enhance your lifestyle this holiday season.


window shades Kansas CitySilhouette Window Shadings

Sophisticated. Silhouette window shadings add unprecedented sophistication to the style of a room, and the innovations in their function do too. Silhouettes have the clean lines and organized structure of shutters, but they have so much more to offer you and your home. The Signature S-Vanes float between two sheers–which all work together to transform harsh and unyielding exterior light into a soft, comfortable glow that disperses evenly around the room. You get a fresh view-through to the outside with the added benefit of an obscured view-in for daytime privacy. Plus, the Tilt-Anywhere feature gives you ultimate control of the positioning of your window shades. But, A Deux, is a revolutionary concept from Hunter Douglas that makes Silhouette window shadings reign supreme. Allowing two shades to share a common headrail, A Deux gives you heightened light and privacy control with an independently operated room-darkening roller shade. So, when the moon gives “the lustre of mid-day to objects below,” you’ll be snug in your bed and relishing your long winter’s nap.


 window shades Kansas CityThe Alustra Collection

Exclusive. Alustra Silhouettes and Pirouettes offer you exclusive options in fabrics and design elements for a uniquely custom look. Dress your windows with exquisite fabrics, intriguing textures, and gorgeous layers. Polish their appearance with metallic hardware finishes and designer features. Only Alustra Pirouettes offer a tinted back sheer–which creates a subtle, color-coordinated effect. With Alustra Silhouettes, you can savor the refinement of metallic accent vanes and textured front sheers. During the holidays, and all year long, your window shades will stand out with unparalleled elegance.


This holiday season, give yourself the gift of a traditional look and modern benefits with “soft shutters”. At One Stop Decorating, we want you to get everything you want this year. Our design experts can help you customize your window shades, and show you options from the upscale Alustra collection. Contact our team for a free, in-home consultation today.