Shop Small This November 28th

Small businesses. They are the backbone of your community, and you are the heart that keeps them thriving. Support locally-owned stores, and your neighborhood, on Small Business Saturday. This year, the holiday gifts you buy can bring joy to more than just your friends and family. When you shop small at local businesses on November 28th, you can make a tremendous impact in your community and in your own life.


Shop Small, Make a Difference

shop small Kansas City

The small businesses in your neighborhood have a vested interest in bringing growth, improvements, and vibrancy to your community. Their owners live right around the corner from you, drive on the same streets as you, and send their kids to school with yours. They want a healthy and strong community–just like you. When you shop small, more than half of the money you spend stays local. Small businesses’ taxes go toward improving the schools, paving the streets, and keeping everyone safe in your own neighborhood. Owners’ profits go toward feeding their families, paying their mortgages, and sending their kids to college. Plus, local businesses create local jobs. You can help make all of this possible simply by patronizing the locally-owned businesses you pass by everyday.


Shop  Small, Have Fun

Custom Home DecorWe’ve all heard the Black Friday stories: getting up at the crack of dawn, sitting in traffic while driving from store to store, fighting crazy crowds…. Wouldn’t you rather sleep in, meet your friends for breakfast at a local cafe, and then walk around town and shop in small stores with cheerful, knowledgeable employees and unique products and services? When you shop small, you have fun! Plus, you find one-of-a-kind items that’ll have everying asking, “Where did you get that?” and toys that’ll inspire imaginations and help kids learn. So, enjoy the outdoors or a day at home on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and make Small Business Saturday your new tradition.


Shop Small, Visit Us

shop small Kansas CityAt One Stop Decorating, we’re proud to be Kansas City’s decorating resource, and we’re proud to be family-owned. Serving the area for over 20 years, our design specialists and support staff have expertise and talent you won’t find anywhere else. From one location to four, we’ve expanded over the years to share our dedication to exceptional customer service and the best, custom products with the whole metropolitan area. From window coverings to wallpaper, paint to furniture, fabrics to accessories…we’re sure to have what you need for all of your decorating needs. Whether you visit us in Shawnee, Lee’s Summit, Northland, or Overland Park, you can count on being treated like the friends, family, and neighbors you are. We’d love for you to shop small with us this November 28th and anytime our talent can help you find your style.


This year, don’t let holiday shopping stress you out. Enjoy the experience and make a difference in your community by  joining the millions of individuals who are committed to backing local businesses. Rally support on your favorite social media site and then get out and shop small on Small Business Saturday. While you’re out, come see all that we have to offer and take advantage of the best savings of the year. You can also schedule us to visit you right in your own home. We’d love to offer design advice and show you products that can help make your next decorating project a success. Contact our team at One Stop Decorating for a free, in-home consultation today.