Let’s Solve Your Autumn Window Issues

Fall here in the Kansas City area brings incredible beauty and delight. Everyone praises the splendor of changing leaves and the return of pumpkin spice lattes! But, what you don’t often hear about is how dreary and frustrating it can be sometimes. Lots of rain, less daylight, and colder weather can take a big toll on your mood and your home. Take heart, though. There are ways to combat the common window issues we all face this time of year. Reviving your spirit and the atmosphere of your home, these solutions will help you enjoy autumn to its fullest!


Combat Glare

One of autumn’s most frustrating window issues is glare. All you want to do is savor the scenery and watch as leaves dance down the sidewalk. But, without window coverings, there’s simply no way to do it. Glaring light is a painful side effect of fall’s changing angles of light.

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What you need is a filter. The right window treatments, like these Designer Roller Shades, eliminate glare while preserving your view. You’ll find that gazing out at the fall-time landscape has never been better. Plus, your whole space becomes filled with soft, warm, natural light. Are you thinking that you need more control? Dual shades can provide the versatility you’re seeking when it comes to further privacy and light control.


Stave Off Sleep Problems

Does this time of year throw off your family’s sleep? Whether you’re trying to help everyone adjust to the end of Daylight Savings Time, get your little ones to sleep longer, or simply catch up on a few Zzzs yourself with a midday nap, window issues can thwart your efforts.

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With light-blocking window treatments, your whole family will get better sleep and be in a better mood. An ultra-dark sleeping environment is a quick rotation away with these Designer Banded Shades. And, when you’re up and enjoying all of fall’s festivities, you can shift the fabric panels to bring in filtered light and view. Add PowerView motorization into the mix, and relish the convenience of effortless, automatic adjustments.


Battle the Gloom

Are you desperate to harvest more natural light? As the days get shorter, pulling autumn’s golden rays of glowing sunshine into your home becomes all the more important. But, bare windows are definitely not the way to go. You need a daylighting solution that enables you to both enjoy and control the light.

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Enter sheer shades–like these Silhouette window shadings. Inviting comfortable sunshine, they increase the amount of natural light in your home. Not only that, but they provide options for privacy and a gorgeous view. And what about your common window issues? They’re nonexistent! Sheers are constantly working to reduce glare and damaging UV rays.


Window Issues…Not Anymore!

What’s the best way to solve the window issues you’re facing in your home? Have an expert visit the very spaces you’re struggling with right now! The team here at One Stop Decorating would love to stop over for a free in-home design consultation. With a listening ear and experienced advice, we’ll help you transform your home and your life. Contact us today to get started!