Two Story Window Coverings

Two Story Window CoveringsTwo story window coverings can be can difficult to find when you want them to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing as well as fit with the decor of the home. Two story windows are commonly in a house’s entry way, living room, or dining room. Here are two factors to consider when choosing an appropriate treatment for a two story window.

  • Consider lighting – It is important to consider what time of the day the room will be occupied the most. If during the day, the amount of natural light that will enter may be an issue, as light may need to be controlled more then than during the evening hours. 
  • Privacy – The amount of privacy needed will be determined by the location of your windows. Keep this in mind when selecting the fabric and the transparency of the covering. Different colors and opacities are available, each will also have a different effect on the glare and lighting in your room. Wood blinds and roller shades are the best option if privacy is a main concern.

No matter which covering you decide is right for your two story windows, One Stop Decorating is here to give you all the assistance you may need when choosing the perfect window treatment for your home. One Stop Decorating specalizes in blinds, shades, shutters, draperies, and decor. We are proud to be the largest independent, full line decorating resource in the Kansas City area. With over 30 years of experience in the decorating business, we are confident that we are the right decorating experts to assist you with all of your home decorating needs. We are here for you.