Your Most Valuable Assets: Window Treatment Operating Systems for Child and Pet Safety

Child and Pet Safety Window TreatmentsWhen you have children and pets in your home, you are guaranteed to find them in compromised positions at one point or another. We go to great lengths to protect our children and pets from any and all dangers, both inside and outside of our homes. The biggest worry is the dangers you don’t know about, or believe to have such rare incidence that you shouldn’t have to worry. We want to help you take care of your family in the best way we know how: By offering you window treatment solutions created for the safety of your children and pets. The operating systems used for your window treatments will affect the safety of your home. Here are our top three recommendations for operating systems, providing  the utmost in safety.

Child and pet safety window treatments power risePowerRise Technology. The most advanced version of lifting system is the motorized option of PowerRise. The technology package that accompanies this lifting system completely automates your window treatment lifestyle with wireless remote and device options. The Platinum App allows you to operate your window treatments with the touch of a button. You also have endless possibilities for scheduling your window treatments to set the perfect environment exactly when you need it on a daily basis. The child and pet safety features of this operating system demonstrate a cordless environment with battery powered operation. Keep your child’s room-darkening shades in a lowered position for better sleep at night. You can rest easy with the effortless operation of PowerRise, knowing your family has the highest levels of safety.

Child and Pet Safety Window Treatments CordlessThe LiteRise Lift System. This operating system allows you to guide your window treatments with the ease of your touch. Use your hand to raise and lower your window treatments to just the position that works for your space. The cordless operation of this lift system means there are no cords to dangle or tempt children to pull. With children and pets in your home, the LiteRise Lift System will provide the peace of mind you need.


Child and Pet Safety Window Treatments UltraglideThe UltraGlide Operating System. Using a retractable cord, always remaining the same length, pull and release to operate your lifting system with simple movement. There are no cords to dangle or hang because the length of the retractable cord is safe and concise, just long enough to allow you proper operation without any dangers. One of the newest innovations from Hunter Douglas is UltraGlide 2.0, available on a limited amount of window treatments, featuring click and walk away technology for increased ease of operation.

Safety is important to us. We know that your window treatments need to offer a safe environment for your children and pets. It all begins with the proper operating systems…we have recommended PowerRise, LiteRise and UltraGlide. If we didn’t answer all of your questions, or if you would like to find out about more safety features with window treatments, contact the professionals at One Stop Decorating for a free, in-home consultation.