Summer Solstice and Fireworks: Window coverings for a good night’s sleep

Window Coverings to help Sleep during Fireworks and More

It’s THAT time of year. You know what I’m talking about. You finally drift off to sleep, and…BANG! POP! The neighborhood has suddenly turned into a post-game fireworks show at Kauffman stadium. Yes, that’s right. The Fourth of July is approaching, and we are ever so grateful to live in this nation and pay tribute to our men and women serving in all branches of the military. But the two weeks prior? This is otherwise known as two solid weeks worth of interrupted sleep. For those of you who have already had issues with even falling asleep, due to the very seasonably appropriate daylight sky at your normal bedtime, you have Summer Solstice to thank. We look forward to this day all winter, when summer is issued in, but it can wreak havoc with your – and even worse, your children’s – sleep. Window coverings, window coverings, window coverings. Let us save you from the circumstances of these, otherwise positive, events. The experts at One Stop Decorating have ideas for your home – window coverings for sound absorption and room-darkening – that will deliver a blissful night’s sleep amidst the chaos.

Room Darkening Window CoveringsRoom Darkening. Never underestimate the power of a dark room for an amazing night of sleep. The peacefulness of your family’s sleep will not be distracted or interrupted by light leaking in, allowing the correct amount of sleep needed. While most of our products have the ability to add room-darkening options to increase the opaque qualities of the window coverings you choose, here are our favorites. Duette Window Shadings: The Duette line from Hunter Douglas provides the ideal environment for a restful night of sleep, while also providing amazing qualities of energy efficiency to maintain comfortable sleeping temperatures. Designer Roller Shades: This simple, yet sophisticated option, for a designer look to your windows provides you with endless light control for achieving a restorative night of sleep. Silhouette A Deux: The newest innovation from Hunter Douglas for light control options is the A Deux feature added to Silhouette Shadings. Two shades on one headrail, operating independently of each other, means you can enjoy the light-filtering effect of sheer shadings during the day and the room-darkening qualities of the roller shade in place at night.

Sound Absorbing Window CoveringsSound Absorption. Take time to ask about the sound absorption qualities of the window coverings. It may surprise you that you can help diffuse many normal outdoor sounds, along with a reduction in louder sounds, which may prove extremely helpful towards gaining better sleep for you and your family.  Our top three choices include three different styles of window coverings, allowing you options for your own personal preferences. Duette Window Shadings: Along with amazing qualities of energy efficiency and room-darkening, the Duette line from Hunter Douglas can provide your home with sound absorption. For a more affordable option, check out the Applause line, which also features options for sound control. Vignette Modern Window Shadings: The beauty and designer styling of roman shades can be a welcome addition for rooms in your home that need extra sound absorption. Luminette Window Shadings: With the versatility of transverse operation, the Luminette line offers sound absorption and the elegant look of draperies, while functioning as a window covering. This is a great option for large windows and sliding doors where outdoor sounds can hinder the atmosphere of your home.

Getting a good night of sleep is invaluable. It can been one of the most commonly ‘googled’ terms. Everyone is searching for it. We would like to help you achieve it for yourself and your family. You won’t be able to avoid the fireworks in the upcoming weeks, but with the options we have available for your home, you will be sleeping much better throughout the year. Contact the professionals at One Stop Decorating for a free, in-home consultation.