What Hue Are You?

The unique aspects of your personality…it’s what defines you. Have you ever wondered why you make the choices you do when choosing colors? Have you noticed others’ choices that you can relate to…or not? Color preferences will reveal you to yourself if you look close enough. Explore your feelings and thoughts as they relate to your preferences.

Join us for an evening filled with self-discovery, as you ponder the question, “What hue are you?” Held at our Shawnee location, this seminar is bound to be full of interesting, and thought provoking, information.

Your environment says a lot about who you are. Colors can define you. When you make changes to your home decor, we would love to help you find exactly what you are looking for. From custom window coverings to elegant wallpaper, our design experts will help you decide What Hue Are You? when it comes to your perfect room makeover. Contact our team, at One Stop Decorating, for a free, in-home consultation.