Window Coverings for Your Doors: Discover Solutions Now!

Doors can be tricky. These high traffic areas let in air and light – and during the extreme cold or heat that we tend to have in Kansas City, they can really become a problem. Window coverings can help. Window coverings for your doors can offer function and style, providing your home with the light control, energy efficiency and design elements you need for your entrance ways. Do you find yourself asking, “What solutions are out there for my doors?” We can help. We’ve chosen a few of our favorites to tackle your biggest concerns.

The Privacy Factor

Does your home entryway feature sidelights? Also known as privacy windows – the name sounds a bit counterintuitive – these narrow windows offer a glimpse of what is going on outside your door. While they offer a stylistic element, and provide the function of knowing whether you really want to answer the door, they don’t always offer the privacy you deserve.

Duette Shades

For a clean, organized appearance, Duette Shades will provide your entrance way with light control and energy efficiency. The uniform pleats and beautiful fabrics will complement your home’s decor. The benefits of Duette Shades allow you to maintain privacy while adjust them up or down for your preference of light control. These window coverings for your door will provide your home the comfort you need with the atmosphere you deserve.

Silhouette Window Shadings

The modern style of Silhouette Window Shadings sets a dramatic atmosphere in your home, as the sheer backing filters sunlight for a warm glow. If you have high windows in your entrance way, in addition to sidelights, you need the function of window coverings for your doors and windows. By diffusing the harsh glare, your entryway will allow you to experience the natural light as you choose. With automation, those hard-to-reach windows adjust easily. Light control and UV protection is yours to enjoy, while levels of privacy are there when you need it.

French Doors & Patio Door Solutions

When you want to enjoy your outdoor space on a regular basis, french doors, or even a single patio door, is a wonderful option. The trouble comes with the chosen design – most of these doors function more like a window when closed. And that can be a benefit when you want a beautiful view and natural light. More often than not, however, that means you receive too much light and heat during the warmer parts of the year, and the insulation just isn’t there for extreme temperatures – there’s a good chance you have felt the chill of cold this winter. Window coverings for your doors – both french doors and patio – will help with solutions to improve the comfort level of your home.

Plantation Shutters for French Doors and Patio Doors

Beauty and classic design will highlight your home with the sophistication of shutters. We consider Plantation Shutters to be a wonderful choice of window coverings for your doors, as the custom features only add to the function and style of your home. Handle cut-outs allow you to function your door in the same way as always, making shutters an uncomplicated solution. The louvers adjust easily for levels of light control and UV protection, while the view through to your landscape offers a clean, framed appearance.

Vignette Modern Roman Shades for Double, or Single Doors

If you would like to use your french doors or patio doors as a way to showcase the soft look of fabrics, Vignette Modern Roman Shades will offer you the stylistic element you want, with the functional qualities you need. These window coverings for your doors will offer the amazing benefits of energy efficiency, privacy, light control and UV protection. Enjoy them in the lowered position, as they coordinate with other window coverings in the same, shared space, or delight in the view, as they raise fully – letting in the natural light. The low profile of Vignette Modern Roman Shades makes the function of your doors easy and uncomplicated. With many fabrics and materials to choose from, your home will feature a unique look.

How to Handle Your Sliding Glass Doors

Back and forth. Back and forth. Sliding glass doors are high traffic doors that never stop. They provide your home with the benefits of a large window, while they allow access to your outdoor space. Beautiful light, mixed with amazing views and easy passage is valuable. Those benefits can be a nuisance if you don’t have the right window coverings for your doors.

Skyline Gliding Window Panels – Contemporary Beauty

The expanse of your sliding glass doors is immense if you don’t have window coverings. With beautiful fabrics and textures that are low maintenance and beautifully designed, the wide panels of Skyline Gliding Panels are an incredible choice. They help you remember why you loved your sliding glass door to begin with. Sliding quickly with just a flip of the wrist, and featuring durable design, (even kids can do it without effort or harm), these panels are the perfect window covering for the high traffic of these doors. Complement the other window coverings in the shared space, and enjoy the dramatic look of this beautiful backdrop.

Need Window Coverings for Your Doors? We’ve Got Them!

At One Stop Decorating, we can help you find window coverings to fit your lifestyle. Even the trickiest problems of light control, privacy, UV protection and energy efficiency – like you often have with doors – are no match for us! We will listen to your concerns to provide a solution that works for your home. You deserve the comfort and stylish design of window coverings. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.