Window Blinds Timetable: The Best Time to Call in the Experts

You’re moving into a new home! Whether you’re breaking ground on new construction, overhauling a fixer-upper, or planning to unpack in a house that’s new to you, excitement and adventure surely await. No doubt you have a lot on your mind. Have you considered a window blinds timetable? From order to install, it can take up to six weeks to complete the process. So, when should you start? Here’s what we recommend…


Building a New Home

When you’re planning new construction, it’s best to meet with a window treatment specialist early on in the process. As soon as you’re ready to make decisions about paint colors and other stylish elements of your design, bring us in.

window blinds timetable for new construction
Luke Besley

It’s always a welcome relief to have window blinds in place before you move in. No one wants to unpack in a room full of blinding glare, or spend their first night tossing and turning as the streetlights illuminate their bedroom. Often, we can work with you and your general contractor to arrange for measuring and installing so that everything is ready for moving day.


Remodeling or Renovating

When you’re majorly reworking a space, you generally have ideas about the style and function you’d like to have after the renovation or remodel. So, you don’t have to delay meeting with a window covering expert until the project is complete. We can be part of the design process right away.

window blinds timetable for remodeling
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Our team is happy to meet with you in your existing home or in our showroom. We’ll guide you toward the right products based on how you’re planning to use the space, its unique needs, and your dreams for how you want it to look. We’ll head over for measurements before placing your order once your home is framed with its new layout.


Closing on a House

As soon as you know a house is for you, your window blinds timetable can start! We’d love to sit down with you to discuss functional features and design elements. Getting started straight away will help ensure that your shades are in place within a day or two of moving.

window blinds timetable before moving into a new home
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It’s easy to get together in our showroom or your current house to get the process rolling. But, before we place your order, we also like to coordinate with your realtor to visit your new home. It’s important for us to get exact measurements. Plus, seeing the space is incredibly helpful as we work with you to achieve all the style and function you want.


Your Window Blinds Timetable: Is It Better to Wait?

Anyone who’s moving has a lot on their plate. And sometimes it seems as though window treatments can wait. But, think about how it will be without any semblance of control, comfort, and privacy at the window. Yikes!

bare windows allow harsh light to enter

When you move into your new home, the harsh reality of bare windows is not what you want to face. So, let us help you fashion the perfect environment before the boxes arrive. You’ll be so grateful to have as much privacy as you want, comfy temperatures, and a good night’s sleep.

window blinds timetable after Hunter Douglas Kansas City 64155

Let’s get the window blinds timetable started for your new home. Stop into one of our convenient showrooms. Or, contact our team today, at One Stop Decorating, for a free in-home consultation.