Adding Window Treatments to Your Home Office

More and more people have been working from home. Previously, you may have considered remote work to have endless perks, but now? There might be more than a few issues you’re having, working from your home office. Do you know that window treatments can help transform your space for productivity and success?


Don’t Let Glare Get in Your Way

With spring well-underway, there are more minutes of sunlight every single day. While natural light is an amazing feature in any room, there are times that it can become distracting.

Dual shades allow complete light control.

Adding dual shades will help to reduce the glare that haunts your computer screen during the brightest hours of the day. Enjoy your windows, open to the view, or with the screen shade down for filtered light. And, when you really need it, that secondary blackout shade can be lowered in place to block the most intense afternoon rays.


Leave the Heat Outside of Your Home Office

The outside temps may already be rising, but imagine what they’ll be this summer. You may never have noticed just how much sunlight your home office gets. Not only that, but that direct light heats up the space to uncomfortable highs by early afternoon.

Sonnette Roller Cellular Shades are perfect for our Kansas City space.

The last thing you want is to be overly warm while hosting a virtual meeting. Talk about a 2pm slump! Sonnette Roller Cellular Shades are both an energy efficient and light controlling window treatment. 


Your Perfect Solution

Too much natural light can be pesky, but not enough can leave you feeling sluggish, with a negative mood.

Top down bottom up shades in a home office.

Top down bottom up shades are the perfect window solution for your home office if you want to enjoy the light as it streams in across your ceiling, but stays out of your eyes. 



Work from Anywhere in Your Home

Your home office may be where you start out your workdays, but sometimes switching rooms can bring a welcomed change of pace to your day. We have window treatments for any of your window issues, wants, and needs.

Sheer shades to control lighting in your home office.

No more trying to work around glare or heat. Even if you just want a subtle change to turn the harsh light into a softer glow, we have sheer shades are perfect for that. You’ll be thanking yourself as soon as your new window treatments are up!


Get Started Today 

Things are a bit unknown right now, but with all the extra time at home, there’s no better time than now to transform your windows. Our team here at One Stop Decorating is eager to help you enjoy your home office space more. Contact us today for your FREE consultation.