3 Ways to Style Your Home with Metallic Decor

As winter begins, we’re facing cold, chilly temperatures and overcast skies. Beat those upcoming winter blues with the brilliance of metallic decor. Accenting your home with metallic decor allows you to customize the style with the perfect finishes to heighten the look of your home’s interior design. Not sure which metals appeal to you most? We’ve got three looks for you to compare and decide which one speaks to your individual style. And once you’ve narrowed that down, we have ideas for you to incorporate favorite pieces and accents to create the ideal atmosphere in your home!


Contemporary Shine

All dressed up with elaborate sophistication, the sparkling look of shining polishes will finish your home with dramatic air. Glass mixes with light colored metallic decor for elegance and sheen, while the metals themselves can be chosen based on your specific design preferences. Gold, silver and bronze finishes all create their own unique look.

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Alustra® Fabrics, Pirouette® Shades

Add these metals in functional hardware throughout your home, and then add to the style with furniture, artwork and accent pieces that make a beautiful statement. The beauty of our Alustra collection of window shades will fit perfectly in your contemporary shine design scheme. The fabrics feature metallic finishes for a glint of sparkle with an upscale look.


Urban Styling

The cool sophistication of the urban look uses matte finishes and exposed hardware to style this design scheme. Other materials, like brick and stone, add to the overall appearance of an urban space. The key to creating this look, without making it too harsh, is the intentional choices of color.

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Following the lead of metallic decor, matte finishes of fabrics can work best. Colors can be bold to make a statement, or subtle to soften the space. Furniture and accent pieces will incorporate well into this interior design, offering intrigue and mystery. Window blinds can be used to bring in the natural light, letting you adjust the light for the perfect atmosphere.


Mixed Metals

Do you want the style of your home to make a custom statement? Do you like the unique look of hand-selected accents? Choose your metallic decor with the intention of surrounding yourself with pieces you love. Metallic decor allows you to choose the finishes that work best to match your style, and they also mingle well when combined. Choose seating with distressed wood and and an industrial finish, and then pair it with accent pillows that highlight the space with a soft glisten. Choose an intricate, glass chandelier for your dining space, paired with the rustic look of whitewashed wood and an antique metal centerpiece. Mixing metals can be a fun way to add decor pieces to your home that tell a story and speak volumes of what you love.

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Ready to start the New Year with metallic decor? Whether youlike the glisten of contemporary shine, the strength of modern industrial–or the unique mixture of both, you’re to find plenty of accent pieces in our Shawnee showroom. And don’t forget that your windows provide a beautiful backdrop for your home, so whether you choose window coverings for maximum view-through to your outdoor space, or for optimal light control and privacy, we have an amazing selection for you. Contact our team, at One Stop Decorating, for your free, in-home consultation today!