Better Sleep Solutions this School Year

It’s hard to believe a new school year has arrived. How is your family adjusting? It’s hard to get used to being on a strict schedule again, and without proper sleep, the vibe in your household can probably be described as grumbly, at best. Never fear – we have sleep solutions for you that will deliver a better night’s sleep to everyone in your family – including you! It’s time for a new school year – that means it’s time for better sleep in your Kansas City area home.

 Get rid of distracting light.

sleep solutionsWhether it’s coming from a street light on your cul-de-sac, or a favorite device, there’s no place for distracting light in your family’s bedrooms. Take inventory just before bedtime – are passing cars a problem? Is the nightlight in your child’s room too bright? Does the whole room just need to be darker? We can help. From overall room-darkening, to blocking out intermittent light, window shades will offer sleep solutions for a better night of sleep. Not only will your child receive uninterrupted sleep, but getting back on schedule has never been easier than with a darkened environment when it’s time for an earlier bedtime.

Make the atmosphere comfortable.

sleep solutionsWith the start of a new school year, your child can experience a mixture of emotions from excited to anxious. Those feelings can make falling asleep – and staying asleep – very difficult. The environment they sleep in plays an important role in making them comfortable. This may be a good time to consider sleep solutions for the factors that affect their sleep and the ability to fall asleep to begin with. New pajamas or a better quality pillow can provide comfort, but bigger complications can exist when it comes to temperature. Consistency of temperature will improve your child’s sleep, especially during times of year when the air outside is much hotter or colder than sleeping requires. Energy efficient window shades go a long way in helping keep your child’s room the temperature they need – no matter the season. If you live in a busy part of town, window shades that provide levels of sound absorption can be a big help, too.

Start with a great schedule.

sleep solutionsYou’ve been on summer vacation, and that means that rules and schedules are pretty much out the window. Routines are key to happy transitions and changes in your family’s life. As hard as it is, getting back on a schedule is one of the most important things you can do. That may mean the kids are going to bed with light still outside their windows. It’s time to set the scene with the ultimate control: PowerView automation. Step One: Use the Scene Controller in PowerView to save just the right settings for a good night’s sleep in your child’s room. Five minutes before bedtime, have it scheduled to adjust automatically – or use the PowerView App to set the scene in an instant. Voila! Sleep solutions are easy with the intuitive technology of PowerView. You can even schedule the window shades to open in the morning, letting sunshine do the waking as you get breakfast ready. Don’t struggle to get your mornings going, let PowerView automation come to your rescue.

Summer vacation has come to a close; school is officially back in session in the Kansas City area. Make sure this school year is a successful one for your family, as you find sleep solutions to help them start every day rested and refreshed. We can help. Come visit us to discover options for light control and energy efficiency for your child’s room. And just wait till you see what PowerView can do for your lifestyle. Contact our team, at One Stop Decorating, for a free, in-home consultation.