Choose Top Down Bottom Up Window Coverings: Enhance Your Home & Your Life

You like options. Whether it’s where to go for dinner, which film to see, or which car to buy, it’s always better to have choices. If you have a say, you won’t get stuck with something you can’t stand. Do you have a say in the amount of natural light in your home, or is Mother Nature imposing herself on you? Do you feel pigeonholed into covering up a gorgeous view when you want a little more privacy? You might not know it, but you have options! Reclaim your power to choose with the versatility of top down bottom up window coverings!

Choose Privacy

top down bottom up window coveringsYou love looking out of your windows, but your view out means that there’s a view in as well. Having privacy is an important factor in feeling secure in your own home, so how do you get it? Are you pulling the blinds and living in a cave? You don’t have to limit your view or block out natural light to gain privacy. Top down bottom up window coverings are the perfect solution. They put control back in your hands as you choose positions that allow soft daylighting to flow into your rooms, give you a glimpse of the landscape outside, and provide just enough cover to let you live your own life.

Choose Benefits

top down bottom up window coveringsTechnology continually enhances our lives, and its benefits are innumerable. It’s easier to stay in contact with friends and family, catch up on what’s going on around the world, and even work from home. Easier, that is, until the sun comes out. How often have you experienced blinding glare on your favorite devices? Yet, you know that natural light has its own benefits–improving mood and boosting productivity. Is it really possible for technology and sunlight to share the same space in your home? With top down bottom up window coverings, it is. You can block out areas of sun that are causing glare and keep ones that are creating luxurious ambient light. Combining the technology of PowerView automation and window coverings with the top down bottom up feature will benefit you in ways you never thought possible!

Choose Comfort

top down bottom up window coveringsSunny days with temperatures in the 90s have been the norm. Your home should be a cool sanctuary for escaping the heat. Although, how often do you walk in a room and then start to feel the sizzle? Direct sunlight streaming in through windows heats up interior spaces. This makes it uncomfortable for you and your wallet. Your sweat glands and your air conditioner are working overtime to compensate for the rising temperatures inside. Right now, your only option might be to run to another room. It doesn’t have to be. Top down bottom up window coverings make it possible for you to find just the right positioning, no matter the time of day, to prevent those blistering rays from entering. Then, you can finally relax in the comfort of your own home!

Choose Now

If you don’t have the privacy, light control, and comfort you want in your Kansas City area home, now’s the time to make a change. Top down bottom up window coverings can revitalize your home and your life. Remember, though, you have options! We’d love to help you choose just the right window coverings for your unique home. Contact our team at One Stop Decorating for a free, in-home consultation.