Window Shades for Your Style Personality

Decorating your house to feel like a home is one of the most important investments you can make. From colors that complement, to accents that enhance, you’ll love the way your home looks if it feels just right to you. The same goes for window shades. With the potential to add ambiance and style, along with energy efficiency and privacy, the benefits are endless. Which window shades are the right choice for you and your Kansas City area home? Let’s take a look at some window shades that might fit your style and personality traits, with some exclusive offers that fit your budget.

The Organizer.

Uniform. Coordinated. Systematic. You love order. You find it relaxing to have everything in its place with meticulous grace. Somewhat of a perfectionist, these window coverings will help you set the perfect scene–every time. The straightforward organization of Duette Honeycomb Shades will appeal to your inner ‘manager’, while the style features allow you to have a bit of fun.

window coverings for your style

With so many textures and colors available, complement your home decor with just the right look. Stay in charge with PowerView automation–schedule adjustments, set scenes and enjoy all the benefits of your window shades from anywhere in the world.

The Style Guru.

Always on the cutting edge, you are in on the latest trends–even if you don’t follow every one of them. They’re trends, after all, and you know how to decipher long-lasting from flash-in-the-pan. Your home is styled for atmosphere right down to the last detail.

window coverings for your style

The window coverings delivering that sought-after atmosphere are Silhouette Window Shadings. The elegance of sheer fabrics filters the light to welcome in an ambient glow. Adjust the fabric vanes for levels of lighting, depending on circumstance. And exclusive only to Silhouettes is A Deux, the revolutionary dual shade system that allows you a second shade–a blackout roller shade–for the ultimate in light control.

The Free Spirit.

Flowing and carefree, you try to relax and enjoy life. Believing that sunshine is essential to a positive attitude, window shades that match your personality will let the light in for an atmosphere that exudes happiness. Pirouette Window Shades.

window coverings for your style

The perfect window coverings for a subtle, flowing appearance highlighted by soft, filtered light that improves your mood and adds an upscale look to your home. Added features of room-darkening and PowerView will customize your window shades for the ideal match for your lifestyle needs.

The Eclectic Optimist.

You like when things are put together–the big picture, but sometimes you find it hard to create it yourself. You love to mannequin shop, and your favorite pieces of your wardrobe and home decor may be found set up on a Houzz link, or in a magazine.

window coverings for your style

That’s what our design experts are for! We would love to show you fabrics and design elements while visiting your home to guide your decisions about what will work best for you. The best part? Our in-home consultations are free. We want to help you discover what window shades can do for your Kansas City area home. Contact our team, at One Stop Decorating, to get started.