Infuse Your Home Design With Shades of White

White is a color that’ll never go out of fashion. Over time, it’s managed to make its way into every aspect of design and all decorating styles. From floor to ceiling glam, to charming rustic, white works beautifully. If its allure has enticed you, you might be wondering just how to create a stunning look with shades of white in your own home. Our design experts have three things you’ll want to consider…


#1 The Level of Contrast

You can’t talk about decorating with shades of white without addressing contrast. The two are practically inseparable. In the past couple of years, “high contrast” has been big in the design world. But, that doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Letting your personal preferences drive the level of contrast you create will ensure a space you love.

shades of white Shawnee

If a high-contrast look appeals to you, go for it! Keeping the phrase, “opposites attract.” in mind as you plan your design can be a big help. Here, dark gray and black furnishings and accents stand out against the backdrop of white Pirouette shades, white walls, and light-colored flooring. The bold look is finished off with pops of vibrant orange.

shades of white Overland Park

Subtle contrast is equally elegant and can infuse a dose of comfort into your space. The softer tones of the greige walls and wood flooring are quiet, yet stunning, when paired with the dramatic white plantation shutters on the doors. And, accents of darker wood tones add another layer of contrast that still feels cozy.


#2 The Specific Environment

When working with shades of white, you have to consider the specific room you’re designing in. This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to overlook function when you’re focused on fashion. Taking time to think about how you use the space and what atmosphere you’d like to create will help you achieve the right feel.

shades of white Kansas City

Just look at this entryway. Fabulous! Minimalist design combines with contemporary features to create a space that’s both stylish and functional. Much of the lower space is left open to allow room for guests to enter and admire. Decorating up high, with the formal loft space and modern chandelier, highlights the large windows and tall ceilings. Then there’s all the gentle natural light illuminating the foyer…absolutely gorgeous!

shades of white

If you’re planning to infuse shades of white into your living room design, take into account the times of day you use the space. Most likely, you’ll want a range of light and privacy control–from view-through and light filtering all the way to closed off privacy and blackout. The shades in this room are a perfect way to showcase white and add formal height to the ceiling. By keeping the seating soft and incorporating natural elements in the design, the whole room comes together for the ideal mix of comfort and style.


#3 The Amount of White

As you develop the design of your space, you’ll want to ask yourself, “How much white is right for me?” Then, let your personal preferences guide you toward the answer. Taking time to consider the amount of white you want for your room will help you greatly as you make decisions about design elements.

shades of white St Joseph

Are you leaning toward using a lot of white in your space? Then you’ll want to pay close attention to texture in your design. This family room is a great example. Shades of white are featured beautifully throughout the whole area. What makes it work? The varying textures. Imagine if the shades were flat. Against the smooth white walls and seating, flat shades would probably make the whole space feel a bit institutional. Instead, roman shades bring sculpted texture that draws the eye and creates visual interest.

shades of white Lee's Summit

If you’re thinking of using a smaller amount of white, you’ll want to carefully choose white elements that’ll accentuate aspects of your design. In this formal space, white trim makes the gray roman shades stand out in dramatic beauty. The plush white chair and ottoman add welcoming softness that also ties in with the curvy shape of the lamp. Together, the elements work to fashion a charming and designer look.


Shades of White: We Have Them & We’ll Help!

Oftentimes it can seem overwhelming to begin a design project. We’d love to help you get started! You can visit our showroom or schedule a free, in-home consultation for inspiration and advice directly from our design experts. Whether you’re looking to bring shades of white into your Kansas City area home or still dreaming up your design, we’re here for you. Contact our team at One Stop Decorating today!