Energy Efficiency Tips: Easy Winter (& Year Round!) Solutions

Winter is here, and we’ve already started thinking about the first days of spring. Is your home keeping you cozy with energy efficiency? Or have the latest weather patterns of chilling ice storms got you scrambling to find solutions? Warm weather may be far away, but with energy efficiency innovations, your home can be toasty and comfortable. And, as you know, living in the Kansas City area, energy efficiency is really something we need year round. Thankfully, the latest innovations in energy efficiency allow us to create the perfect environment, no matter what the weather’s like outside. The seasons may be predictable, but our day-to-day temperatures are not. And, as for atmosphere, it may seem difficult to bring natural light into your rooms on the dreariest days or to warm up your space when the temperature is in the negatives. Take a look at this helpful guide for dealing with the gloomiest weather and making your home energy efficient.

Tip #1: Incorporate Technology

energy efficiency home automation

It’s 2017, and our society is all about technology. It truly is amazing what you can do with the smallest device: order dinner for your entire family, shop for your favorite items, or plan an exciting vacation from beginning to end. Now with the latest innovations, you can provide energy efficiency throughout your home. Have you heard of home integration systems? They save you money while giving you control over your atmosphere. Hunter Douglas has teamed up with major home integration systems, giving you the option to have motorized blinds and shades. With the newest technology, like PowerView Motorization, you can control all of your shades at the touch of a button. Want an even more convenient way to control your window coverings? Create a schedule of your favorite settings, and watch as they automatically adjust throughout the day. Let the warm sun heat up your home in the morning, close the blinds by mid-afternoon, and come home to complete privacy. So much control over your home, even when you’re not there!


Tip #2: Learn to Use Daylighting

energy efficiency sheer shades

During the summer, how often do you leave your windows bare in order to let the sunshine light up your rooms? It’s a bit more difficult on cloudy winter days, which may lead you to use more unnatural light sources. Energy efficiency innovations have significantly reduced the consumption of energy with advanced light bulbs, but there’s a better way to bring in light: Daylighting. With the latest window coverings, like top down shades, you can insulate your windows while bringing in gorgeous, natural light. Bringing in light across the ceiling illuminates your room in a soft glow. Sheer shadings can also bring in light while keeping your space private–and transforming direct sunlight into a soft, filtered glow. The best part about Daylighting? It’s free.


Tip #3: Get Expert Help

energy efficiency duette shades

Windows are a must in every home, but when it comes to energy efficiency, you may be confused where to start. That’s why we’re here! One Stop Decorating Center has designers who can help you pick the best window coverings for your home. With our expert advice, your new shades will add beauty, convenience, and create the atmosphere you deserve. You don’t need to invest in the latest insulated windows–that can be a huge, pricey project. What you need is solutions for your existing windows. Is there a great view? Do you have a window that brings in amazing light? We’ll help you preserve what you love about your windows and enhance their function.


Energy Efficiency: Enhance Your Home Today

Your home is unique, as are your windows. Energy efficiency doesn’t have to be difficult. Our team is here to help. Whether you have sliding glass doors, hard to reach or uniquely shaped windows, floor to ceiling windows–you name it! We’ll guide you through the best options. Your home will be energy efficient in no time. Contact our team at One Stop Decorating. Set up a free, in-home consultation with one of our expert designers and get started today!