Simple Automation, Amazing Results

You don’t have to be tech savvy to take advantage of today’s most innovative features. We’re calling it Simple Automation. It doesn’t have to be complicated–and we’re going to show you how! While it seems like the options are endless when it comes to smart home technology, your life is your own. And, you deserve to feel like you’ve got it all under control. (Or, at least, as much as possible!) The best way to take advantage of innovative, yet simple automation, is to take interest in a few aspects that will improve your quality of life. Small changes will bring dramatic results. With a few easy settings and a schedule that works in rhythm with your preferences, you’ll be amazed at the results. How would you feel if you could…


Start your day out right. Every morning.

voice control simple automationI love working out first thing in the morning. Why? Because if it doesn’t happen then, it doesn’t happen at all. Does that sound familiar? The hardest part for me is getting out of bed. Enter simple automation. As easy as it is to set your alarm, you can use the PowerView app to create the perfect “scene” for success. And you choose your favorite control…whether you love the idea of a remote, your smartphone or voice activated control. The shades will bring in some refreshing morning light, and your favorite workout playlist is ready to go on your Amazon Echo. Even your smart thermostat will lower the temperature for your ideal workout environment. All you need to do is show up. It’s the motivation you need to start your day out right.


Get out the door–on time. No worries.

smartphone simple automationIf you’re like me, leaving the house often feels like one of life’s most difficult challenges. People see me throughout the day, and they never realize what a “basket case” I am on a regular basis. If you were a fly on the wall, you might hear me continually saying…

“Where’s my phone?”

“Did you turn off your bedroom light?”

“Put your shoes on!”

Simple automation won’t help you get little Johnny’s shoes on–not yet, anyway. But, there are ways that making small changes by way of simple automation can add dramatic improvements to the whole “getting out the door without worry–and on time” thing. I love my Apple Watch, which lets me ping my phone, no matter what setting it’s on. Half the time, when I’m looking for it, it’s already in my purse–or, worse yet, in my hand. But using the simple automation of PowerView is a game changer. It lets me get out the door without hassle because I created a scene called, “Leaving the House.” And I can use my Apple Watch or the app on my iPhone in a heartbeat. The shades lower–which helps me feel better about privacy, security and temperature throughout the day. The doors lock. The lights turn off. The one thing we do leave on? The TV keeps the dog company as we go about our busy day.


Enjoy your evening. Just the way YOU prefer.

atmosphere control simple automationDinner with friends? Movie night with the kids? A calm, quiet evening, soaking in the tub? How about all of the above? If you lead a busy life, just like we do, your evening activities really depend on the day of the week. No matter how you prefer to wind down, simple automation takes the stress out of delivering your favorite results. That’s why PowerView “scenes” saved to improve your lifestyle will be the greatest discovery you can make. With customized settings, you can create instant atmosphere to meet your home–and family’s–changing needs. Adjust the vanes on your shades to let in ambient lighting and a tremendous view with your “Dinner Party” scene. What’s more? Add simple automation to play a favorite channel on Pandora or dim the lighting.  “Movie Night” is the perfect scene for your family’s Friday night. Blackout shades lower in place, and surround sound adds just the right “theater at home” experience. How about that bubble bath you’ve been dreaming about? Choose your “Bath Time” scene for shades in the ideal position for privacy, hushed lighting and soft background music–that you can easily change by voice control.


Get started with simple automation.

device control simple automationAt One Stop Decorating, we’ve been having a lot of fun with what we’re calling Simple Automation. PowerView takes care of it all. It lets you set schedules, save favorite scenes and settings–all using YOUR choice of control. For some people, that means the Pebble remote–designed to be your favorite home accent piece. For others, it’s making use of the latest technology in voice activated control, like Amazon’s Echo or Google Home. Many of our clients like to take their control on the go with their favorite device, like their Apple Watch or smartphone. The best part? You don’t have to be an expert to utilize the benefits. We can help you get started when PowerView becomes a part of your home. It’s lifestyle control with simple automation. Contact our team to get started today!