Home Refreshment: Drapery Panels for Every Room

Are you looking to refresh your home? There’s really no better way to energize and enliven your rooms than with a boost of style. Why not try drapery panels? They’re sophisticated, gorgeous, and will add fashionable elegance to all of your spaces. Colors, designs, and textures beautifully frame your windows while flowing fabrics add dimension and function you’ll love. If you’re longing to refresh and heighten the style of your home, take a look at the effect of drapery panels in these different rooms, and get inspired to bring them into your own spaces!

Glorious Bedrooms

drapery panelsTalk about incredible beauty! The drapery panels in this bedroom definitely steal the show. Their color is cool and calming–adding a sense of peace and relaxation that’s perfect for the place you lay your head at night. The fabric design, custom trim, and medallion holdbacks all add alluring visual interest and really take the style of this room to the next level. Plus, when it comes to function, they’re simply amazing! Closed, they offer all the privacy you want in a bedroom. Room-darkening fabric means unwanted and distracting light has no place in this room at night, and layering them with sheer shadings allows for glowing, filtered light during the day. Are you imagining the possibilities for your own home yet? Bringing drapery panels into your bedrooms will make them the sleep sanctuaries and beautiful personal spaces you want them to be.

Bathrooms of Beauty

drapery panelsNot only is the style of this bathroom amazing, but the natural light is too! Half shutters pull in sunlight–opening up the space and filling it with positive energy. And, the drapery panels act as an extension of that mood. Coordinating with the flooring and making a soft statement with their topiary ball designs, they’re simply gorgeous elements in the design of this space. Not only that, but they ensure the full privacy you need in a bathroom. So, what about the bathrooms in your home? Do they have the mood, privacy, and look that you want? Are they filled with natural light? Drapery panels can help you balance privacy and light control while creating the right atmosphere and setting an exquisite scene. Dressing the windows in your bathrooms with them is a sure way to enhance both your style and your lifestyle!


Grand Gatherings

drapery panelsThink about where you gather in your home? Do you wish your great room, living room, or family room had the grandeur of this one? Sheer shadings paired with luxuriously long drapery panels create an impressive effect like no other. The sheers invite filtered natural light to fill the space with its gorgeous glow, protect the carefully selected decor from UV damage, keep the temperature easy to maintain, and still show off the wonderful view. But it’s the drapery panels that really take center stage. They frame everything in magnificent style! Your home can house a style statement like this one and provide the function you need. In fact, adding PowerView motorization will give you effortless functional control of your blinds and shades. Automatic, scheduled adjustments and touch-of-a-button activation makes creating the perfect atmosphere easy–and that’s important in a gathering space where the circumstances are constantly changing. So, whether you’re cozying up with some coffee and a book on a Saturday morning or hosting game night with a wild bunch, your home will boast stunning style and comfortable, convenient function.

Productive Work

drapery panelsThere’s so much to love about this home office space. Its cheerful, energetic vibe; its tremendous view; and its splendid natural lighting are just a few of its praiseworthy characteristics. And those are all thanks to the Luminette Privacy Sheers. With a look that’s very similar to drapery panels, these Luminette Privacy Sheers have folds of fabric that heighten the styling of the space while offering all the benefits of sheer shadings. Their rotating vanes enable you to customize the way light interacts with your room, and sheer fabrics keep your view intact and glare off your screens and out of your eyes. If you choose Luminettes for your own home office, you’ll be amazed at how they transform your space into one that boosts your mood and lets your brain relax for maximum productivity.

Custom Drapery Panels for Your Home

From design to decor to how you use it, every room in your home is different. If you’re looking to refresh the spaces around your home, custom drapery panels can do just that. By customizing the fabric, textures, designs, and embellishments, you’ll add sophisticated styling for a unique look that’s just right. Whether you love how drapery panels look standing alone or want the benefits of layering them with other window treatments, our design experts are here to help. We’re ready to come to you for a free, in-home consultation. We’ll bring samples, advice, ideas, and inspiration! Contact us at One Stop Decorating to get started today!