Room Darkening VS Blackout: Choose Your Solution for a Better Night’s Sleep

How is your family handling Daylight Savings? This is the time of year that we are thrilled to have more sunlight in the evening, but that morning alarm sure feels like it’s going off in the middle of the night. And if you have children? Wow. The time change can mess up schedules and interfere with the sleep that everyone in your home is getting. When we tell you that window coverings can help, we mean it! Setting a darkened tone in your room – or your child’s – can have a huge effect on the quality and amount of sleep.

Room Darkening VS Blackout Shades…What’s the Difference?

There are two different ‘buzz phrases’ when it comes to better sleep and window coverings. Room darkening includes those window coverings that dramatically darken the room, but some light may still enter in subtle fashion for quiet darkness. Blackout shades represent window coverings that completely block out the light – offering complete darkness, even during the day. Both types of window coverings will improve your sleep environment, allowing you and your family to improve the sleep you get. Once you’ve decided you need to get higher quality sleep, the decision becomes more about the look you want in addition to other lifestyle features. Here are some client favorites…

Room DarkeningDuette Shades & Solera Soft Shades

Room Darkening + Energy Efficiency

Uniform Pleats Offer a Clean, Organized Appearance

The Duette Collection from Hunter Douglas features shades with room darkening capability, as well as a host of other features to benefit your home. With energy efficiency standards at the height of the industry, your bedrooms will remain at the constant, chosen temperature year round for your family’s comfort. Beautiful fabric choices will complement your home’s unique decor, as the uniform pleats provide a striking appearance. Top/down, bottom/up operation will let you bring in the natural light when you choose, while maintaining privacy.

Room DarkeningSolera Soft Shades

Room Darkening + Energy Efficiency

Flowing, Soft Fabrics Offer a Striking Look

Solera Soft Shades feature simplistic movement, similar to a roman shade, for light control that adjusts as you raise and lower the shades. The collection of beautiful, streamlined fabrics offers you affordable room darkening shades that provide complementary design features for your home. With cellular structure, the inside pocket of air will provide a layer of insulation – keeping your room at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Room DarkeningDesigner Roller Shades

Blackout Shades + Complete Privacy

Glare Free, Low Profile Design

Designer Roller Shades live up to their name, offering a designer appearance with the contemporary appeal of sleek, low profile form – perfect for layering with drapery panels or showcasing on their own. Fabrics can offer texture and pattern, with colors that present fashion forward style for your home’s unique decor. Experience the ultimate darkness with these blackout shades that operate similar to a light switch, instantly turning the light on and off.

Room DarkeningSilhouette Window Shadings with A Deux

Blackout Shades + Versatile Control

Softened Light, Diffused Glare

The ultimate in light control comes with the versatile design of Silhouette Window Shadings with A Deux. Experience softened natural light, as the reflective sheers diffuse the harsh glare. Fabric vanes allow for levels of light control. When you’re ready for a good night’s sleep, activate the second blackout roller shade – functioning independently on the same shared headrail. The blackout shade will raise and lower to fit your lifestyle, as most of our clients enjoy leaving their Silhouette Window Shadings in the lowered position almost exclusively.

It’s time for a good night’s sleep. Whether you choose room darkening or blackout shades, you and your family will experience all of the benefits that come from quality sleep. We would love to help. We can help you determine which window coverings will work best for your home’s specific needs, while you focus on selecting the design elements that will be a perfect addition to complement your home. Contact our team, at One Stop Decorating, for a free, in-home consultation.