Tips for an Energy Efficient Home

There’s a brisk chill in the air, and as we enter the month of December, we can’t deny it any longer: Winter is here. We had a tremendous fall–taking us back to the lovely weather the Kansas City area is typically known for during the autumn months. But now, even as the anticipation of the holidays fills our lives with excitement, we can’t help but wonder what the dreary winter months will bring. Are you ready? Is your home ready? Having an energy efficient home is vital to surviving the Kansas City winter temps, especially in January and February. We have some tips and tricks for you as you start preparing yourself for winter–and we have a special promotion for Duette shades that you won’t want to pass up!

Get cozy–and stylish.

energy efficient homeThe easiest way to prepare yourself for the cold of winter is fashion. Yes, that’s right. Pull out those winter fashions–sweaters, scarves, blankets. Not that you’ll be wearing a blanket outside your home, but on a cold winter’s day, cuddling up with your favorite throw and a fire in the fireplace will be the picture of warmth. It’s been proven that putting on a sweater can save up to 4% of your heating bill, and with sweaters and scarves being all the rage this season, you’ll be the height of fashion while staying warm. Click here to find other ways for an energy efficient home.

Get the air moving.

energy efficient homeHave you changed the settings on your fan? We love to remind our clients that one of the ways to make an energy efficient home is by making your fan blades turn clockwise. There’s some science to this…remember when you learned that hot air rises? By flipping the switch on the side of your fan, and reversing the direction, instead of blowing cold air right at you, the slow fan blades get the air at ceiling height moving around, which adds the warm air to the mixture of air in your home. Make sense? The key is to leave it on the lowest setting.

Rely on technology.

energy efficient homeWe love all of the advances we have seen in technology. It’s time you put them to good use to make an energy efficient home. PowerView motorization will transform your home with innovative design. Bringing incredible savings to your home, Powerview automation offers you the chance for programmable scenes, schedule setting and sleek design–in an instant. Like your own personal assistant, PowerView automation will help you create the perfect atmosphere around the clock, adjustable from anywhere in the world with the PowerView App. Make changes, select scenes and even find out exactly what position your motorized window shades are in, no matter where you are. It’s intelligence that will bring you the energy efficient home you need this winter.

Insulate your windows.

energy efficient homeInnovations in window coverings can offer you the energy efficient home you’ll need during the most frigid months in the Kansas City area. If you’re not feeling it already, you will start to feel the drafty chill of winter air–especially near the windows. Your windows most likely feel cool to the touch. And why wouldn’t they? With temperatures dropping in the negative teens during the coldest months, the chill at the window is in contact with the air inside your home. As that warm air brushes up against your windows, the temperature of your home drops. Luckily, we have amazing solutions for you. Creating an energy efficient home has never been easier than with the insulating powers of energy efficient window coverings. Like Duette Architella window shades, energy efficient window shades use pockets of air to trap warmth, keeping the inside of your home comfortable even when it’s cold outside.

Are you ready for the chill of winter in the Kansas City area? We hope we can help! An energy efficient home starts with the highest ratings of energy efficiency in window shades! Duette shades, among other window shades, can save you money while providing warmth and comfort. And right now, we have a special upgrade for you when you order Duette window shades. Contact our team, at One Stop Decorating, for a free, in-home consultation.